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New Orleans Saints Offensive Grades in Overtime Win

Below are the Saints Offenses grades for the overtime thriller against the Buccaneers.

Chris Graythen

Drew Brees: The Stats. 35 of 57, for a 61% completion rate, 3 INTs, 371 yards, and 2 TDs. This is only the 2nd time Drew has made more than 50 pass attempts and come up with a win. Last one was 12-23-2012 @ Dallas Cowboys.     Besides the 3 INTs Drew got away with 2 close ones in the 1st two series. Drew had a couple of more close INTs, before throwing his 3rd. Some bad decisions by Drew Brees, especially with the 1st  INT. On the 2nd he may have been hit while trying to get rid of the ball, but in both cases, he should have just taken the sack. I'm not too upset with the 3rd, except for the fact that he under threw Robert Meachem, who made no effort to come back for or fight for the ball.

Grade: C+ (2.3)


Marques Colston: The Stats. 3 catches for 63 yards with a long of 36. A rough game for Colston again. He made some key 1st downs, but had a least 2 bad drops, that could have kept this one from going into OT. Marques Colston has been uncharacteristic, with his drops this season. At least he is slow enough that Drew doesn't under throw him.

Grade C (2.0)

Brandin Cooks: The stats. 9 catches for 56 yards with a long of 16. He also had 15 rushing yards with a long of 12. The stats really do not paint a complete picture. Cooks played great in all aspects, getting some key 1st downs, as well as setting up a Pierre Thomas TD, with a nice block to break him free.

Grade A- (3.7)

Josh Hill: The stats. 3 catches for 53 yards with a long of 37. I continue to be impressed with the 2nd year, 3rd string TE, and the oversight on grading him last week was all on me. Josh was very efficient coming in after Jimmy Graham went down. The only thing hurting his grade was a couple of whiffs on blocks, letting Gerald McCoy free on Drew.

Grade (B-) 2.7

Benjamin Watson: The stats. 5 catches for 43 yards with a long of 13. Ben also had some key catches to convert 1st downs with one drop that I saw. His blocking was good, especially in the beginning of the game, and when it counted at the end and in OT.

Grade B (3)

Jimmy Graham: The stats. 2 catches for 36 yards wiitha long of 23.  A key drop in the 2nd series leading to a stalled drive and a field goal. Jimmy took a big hit yet managed to hold on to the ball for a big first down conversion. He had another big catch to convert, but ultimately left the game with a sprained shoulder.  He has had a few questionable drops this season, but you can't question his toughness Sunday.

Grade C+ (2.3)

Kenny Stills: The stats. 1 catch for 16 yards. Kenny wasn't much of a factor in this one and a key drop hurts his grade.

Grade D= (1.3)

Robert Meachem: No stats. A disappointing game from Robert in this one. I can't even give him much credit for his blocking. The worst thing hurting his grade, IMHO, was the lack of effort to go after the under thrown ball, that was Drew's 3rd INT. He also had a drop. A needless block in the back took 10 yards back from a play by Cooks.

Grade D (1.0)

The Backs:

Khiry Robinson: The stats. 1 catch for 8 yards. 21 carries for 89 yards with the long being an 18 yard TD run. The rushing leader.

Grade A (4.0)

Pierre Thomas: The Stats. 8 catches for 77 yards with a long of 19, and a receiving TD. Thomas also rushed 4 times for 35 yards, with another TD on his long of 27 yards.

Grade A (4.0)

Travaris Cadet: The stats. 3 catches for 19 yards with a long of 8 and a TD. Cadet also had return yards which I'll cover in the special teams grades. Helping Travaris' grade was a tackle on Drew's 1st INT for no extra yards, limiting the damage. Cadet's great hands continues to be his greatest asset right now. Didn't contribute anything to the running game. Is used like Pierre Thomas and formerly Darren Sproles, as a safety valve for Drew Brees.

Grade: B (3.0)

Austin Johnson: The stat. 1 rush for 2 yards. Austin helped break some key runs, but also was in on some of the breakdowns that pressured Drew Brees.

Grade C (2.0)

The Line:

I give the overall line play a grade of C+ (2.3)

Terron Armstead: B (3.0) The 2nd year LT, while not perfect largely protected Drew's blind side, and most of the pressures came from the right side and the collapsed pocked in the middle.

Zach Strief: C+ (2.3) Strief started out strong, but his play dropped off a little after he was injured and briefly left the game.

Jonathan Goodwin: C (2.0) I started to give Goodwin an incomplete, because he was playing well until he left the game with a bruised knee. When he is healthy Johnathan is great at center, but the injuries seem to be coming more frequent for the veteran.

Ben Grubbs: B- (2.7) Ben had a pretty good day blocking for the running game, but the pocket did collapse to often in this one.

Jahri Evans: C- (1.7) Jahri had a rough game, and was blown up a few times, letting pressure get to Drew Brees. I've noticed a little regression in Evans this year.

Tim Lelito: B (3) Tim was called into action after Goodwin went down and played admirably. Most of the pressures on Drew came from the right side, and Tim did a nice job of getting push in the running game.