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Saints 2014: Accountability Index Update

"The List" has been updated. Find out where you and other Saints fans stand with your predictions.


Ghost of Stujo4 says....

What is up, Saints fans? I am out on forced hiatus, not too worried about it, I'll be back eventually. If you should see an unfamiliar screen name and the guy says "Hey man I don't even know you," that's not me. Because I'm on my best behavior, complying with not only CSC rules of engagement but SBNation's as well until my vaguely worded, arbitrary and capricious timeout is up.  Many thanks to my proxy for posting this. In the meantime, WTF johnmc3:16?  You think I'm not watching from the sidelines?  Here's a little pop up message for you: YOU ARE BANNED FROM THE ACCOUNTABILITY INDEX. YOU CAN READ AND CONTRIBUTE BUT YOU CANNOT ADMINISTRATE. Seriously. I mean, the gall... Ok let's get to it.






Sep 20  2013

Drinkin' Wit' Terrell Farley

Trent Richardson on his way to bust status

It's up and down.  Bradshaw got hurt, now we'll see if TRich can carry the load.

Dec 31  2013


Thinks the OL needs shoring up and Grubbs is gassed

Is this still on here?  Strief is concussed and Goodwin is dinged up.  Might need some shoring.

Apr 26  2013


Eric Reid will have a better NFL career than Kenny Vaccaro

Vaccaro was ranked last of all safeties by PFF recently.  I sometimes hate it when I'm right.

Apr 25  2013


In 3 years the Saints will try to trade Vaccaro for a 3rd rounder and have no takers

You mean "he sucks".  That might be true but PayLoo will probably invoke The Shanle Syndrome and he'll get a nice new contract.

Jun 23  2013

Legatron Morstead

RGIII is overrated

Let's just say he kinda sucks.  I'm calling this one.

Cut him in my keeper league last month too.

Jul 29  2013


RG3 won't last another couple of years

Oh hell there is always a need for backup QB's.  And starters for teams like the Bucs.  Or the Raiders.

Jul 25  2014

Dan Kelly

RG3 is more overrated than Foles.

RW:  The Newark Star-Ledger reports members in the Eagles organization, including GM Howie Roseman, had "soured" on Nick Foles even before he broke his collarbone in Week 9.

Jan 1  2014

Dan Kelly

Drew Brees throws for 5,500+ yards next year (2014)

I'm not even going to do the math on this, Dan.  Who gives a crap.  I mean, really.

Aug 13  2013

Benjamin Arnold

Brees'll b gone n 3 years

By choice or by mandate from the new front office personnel?  Asking for Hans.

Feb 19  2014

Jon Oliver

PRob will score points in 2014

Hey this might still happen the way Dixon and Corky are playing and the way the Baptist kid is NOT playing...

Mar 28  2014




PRob will have a much better season in 2014

Better than what?  Being on IR?  We set the bar pretty low nowadays, don't we?

May 24  2014


PRob will be on this team when Ingram is gone

This might very well be true.  The Saints can't afford to keep Ingram in 2015 franchise tag or not but PRob should be rather cheap.

Jul 10  2014

Evan Silva

Ingram gone in 2015.

Oh yeah.  It's a done deal.  A fait accompli as mon ami might say.

May 29  2014


Mickey will pick up the option for the 5th year [$5.2M] at the end of the season (IF Ingram performs at a high level).

Maybe if Mickey cuts Byrd first.

May 6  2014


Byrd is getting cut after this year no matter what

God he's terrible.  What an error in judgment.  Come to think of it, somebody remind me of the last instance of brilliant judgment by PayLoo... anybody...  in 2013...  in 2012...

Mar 19  2014


Louis Delmas won't start more than 11 games in 2014

He's got 9 so far.

Mar 5  2014

J.R. Ella

WR Odell Beckham will kill it in the return game and on special teams, will contribute more than many 1st round rookies, starter in 2015

Mike Evans and Kelvin Benjamin are quite a ways ahead of Beckham.  Joe Rilla picked a bad year to tout a specific rookie WR.   LSU!! LSU!!

Mar 18  2014


FB Erik Lorig will get 30 carries this year (0 carries in 4 prior seasons)

Now if you'd said he'd get blown up on a pass play at the goal line by the Bengals, I'd really be impressed.  HE'S A FULLBACK!!  Come ON!!!!  GAAAA!!!

Mar 23  2014


Russty doubles down:  Sproles' role will absolutely be replaced by a drafted or UFA player, not a player currently on the roster

I don't even know what this means anymore and russty apparently pissed off some Packers fans who know somebody since he's never around any more.

I don't think anybody replaced Sproles this year. Did they?

Apr 23  2014


Steelers are a dumpster fire in 2014, 5-11 tops

They've already won 6 and they're rolling.

I'm liking that Martavis Bryant kid.

Jul 20  2014

Kevin Skiver

Steelers:  10 wins and division winner

Maybe the wins but the division is up for grabs.

Jul 17  2014

Jul 18  2014

Aug 3  2014

Travis Dauro

Kevin Skiver

Jon Oliver

Buffalo Bills:  6-10

Buffalo Bills:  8-8 until I see more of their offense

I have a difficult time respecting (the Bills)

Lost their playoff hopes to Miami on Thursday night.  Kyle Orton's neck beard is growing back.  Fred Jackson is hurt.  I don't think anyone is going to win this argument.

Jul 24  2014

Travis Dauro

Detroit Lions:  11-5, NFC North champs and 3rd seed in the NFC

Shoulda been, coulda been.  Aaron Rodgers has broad shoulders though.  (There's your setup. I don't mind being your straight man.  Whatever.)

May 11  2014

Matt Mosley


Think David Yankey OG Vikings 5th round is the s***

Did he end up playing in Canada this year?  No?

May 11  2014


Passing on Kony Ealy in the second round is going to bite us in the arse.

Saints' arses look pretty chewed up already. Let's see what Kony can do on Dec 7.

May 11  2014


Kony Ealy odds-on favorite to start in 2015

What?  Really?  You were probably one of those Da'Quan Bowers lovers too.

May 12  2014


Sunseri won't be here long, at least on the active roster

You failed to account for how crappy the rest of the Saints' active roster turned out to be.

Sunseri would be starting if he wasn't on IR.  He'll be back, they like him on special teams.

May 11  2014

Jul 20  2014



Wouldn't be surprised if Galette gets cut before the end of his contract year 2015.  Not in 2016 camp.

Again, who is going to cut him?  The new GM?

May 11  2014


Brandin Cooks 2014 in line with Tavon Austin 2013:  10.5ish per reception-55/580 and 6 TDs

He's over 500 yards already.  Why doesn't Payton use him more?  Why?  WHY?

May 12  2014


Cooks will have at least 6 TDs this season

On 3 and holding.

Jun 23  2014


Cooks gets 8 TD's this year

That's probably not going to happen and you have a Kool-Aid moustache there, pal.

May 20  2014

Neil Greenberg

Brandin Cooks should be frontrunner for Offensive Rookie of the Year

Again, failed to account for the 2014 WR class.  Mike Evans and Kelvin Benjamin. Cooks not even in the running.

Jun 23  2014

Breesus Christ Superstar

Brandin Cooks:  Rookie of the Year

Rookie of the year for the Saints, yeah.  Unless you really really like that John The Baptist kid for some reason.

May 17  2014


Look for Colston to battle his foot issues and slip from the #1 slot in 2014, to be replaced by either Stills or Cooks or both.

If his foot causes him to drop passes, I'm a f****** genius.

Sep 19  2014


We're witnessing Colston's last season as a Saint

coldpizza brings the cold, hard, greasy truth at times.  Only The Shanle Syndrome (or a cheap renegotiated contract) can save Colston now.

May 26  2014

May 27  2014




Stated publicly that Brandin Cooks will have 16+ carries in 2014

He's got 7 to date, I think.

Jun 21  2014


Career year in 2014 for Jay Cutler.

Well, in fantasy, yeah.

Jul 22  2014

Lance Zierlein

Breakout year for Khiry Robinson

Well, his arm, yeah.  He's got a cast on under those Under Armors.

Nov 14  2014


PT and Khiry:  one of those dudes is going on IR in the next 3 weeks.

Here's my chance to stick it to the PT worshippers:  He can't stay healthy.  That's why he's never been the bell cow RB and never will be, for anyone.  OK?

Jun 23  2014

Dave Cariello

Ingram will lead the team in rushing yards in 2014

Dave's pretty smart.

Jun 23  2014

Friend of stujo4

(ok, it's me)

Khiry will lead the team in rushing yards in 2014

It's pretty much out of reach at this point.

Jun 23  2014

J.R. Ella

Ingram will lead the Saints in rushing yards, 1,000+

JR's got a little Kool-Aid grape on his lip too.  Probably not going to happen.

Jul 21  2014

Alex Swift

Ingram and Khiry each top 1000 yards from scrimmage and 8+ TD's.

Alex went full Jim Jones Guyana disciple here.  Jesus1000...

Jul 9  2014


Ingram will have a big year.

It's pretty big.  For a Payton RB.

Jul 9  2014


It'll be Ingram's year. No question.

Ok.  How about the Saints as a team, though?

Jun 26  2014

Wallace Delery

Lovie Smith will be an NFL Coach of the Year candidate in 2014

Lovie might quit before Hannukah begins.

Jul 23  2014

Jon Oliver

Strozier will be a Saint in Nov, practice squad at least

Maybe if he can play safety.

Aug 16  2014


Sean Payton has lost control of this team

Oh big time, no question.  Coaching staff too.

Oct 12  2014

the 9th plague

Payton will not coach another starting QB for this team..
when brees goes he will go.. and vice versa

Are you going to be like Nostradamus and die before any of this occurs?  Because that would be sad.

Aug 17  2014

Breesus Christ Superstar


2014 is Mike Smith's last year coaching the Falcons

God he's terrible.

Sep 5  2014

Michael Salfino

Falcons:  Worst NFC team, won't win 5 games

Falcons are on top of the NFC South due to tiebreaker, buddy.  And you might still be correct.

Aug 27  2014

Breesus Christ Superstar

Reggie Bush will be too "injured" to play against the Saints on Oct 19

Bad ankle.  But he was team co-captain for the day and did have 32 combined yards.

Got the PI penalty against R Bush on 4th and 9.  Pretty much saved the game for his team.  Saints were better with him than they are against him.

Aug 30  2014



Meachem will not play unless it's for the Saints as an injury replacement

You mean he won't play because he's always f****** injured and needs to be replaced?

Sep 15  2014


0-2 Saints win 10+ this year

Jim Jones' personal assistant here.  Actually mixed up the Kool-Aid.

Oct 13  2014

Travis Dauro

9-7 or 10-6 will win the NFC South

Yeah maybe 8-8.

Oct 19  2014

Doc Boudin

No wild card out of the NFC South this year

No kidding, Doc.  Now tell us how ebola can't be spread.

Oct 19  2014


Payton will definitely be fined for post Lions game comments about officiating

Oh you're SO sure of yourself.

Payton knows how to talk s*** without having to pay for it.  Listen and learn.  I guess I should do the same, huh?  HA!

Oct 19  2014

Doc Boudin

I will dance naked in downtown Zachary, Louisiana if they win the division.

On the one hand, nobody wants to see that.  On the other, it needs to happen.  Maybe the residents of Zachary can just turn their heads.