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Saints vs. Bengals: Live from Twitter

After a demoralizing 27-10 home-loss to the Cincinnati Bengals, the 4-6 the New Orleans Saints have now lost two consecutive games in the Superdome this season. Here's how "Saints Twitter" survived the brutal loss to Cincy.

Even Saints fans couldn't wait to suck up to Andy Dalton.
Even Saints fans couldn't wait to suck up to Andy Dalton.
Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

The Who Dat Nation has taken it on the chin a lot this season. The Saints are 4-6, but it's the way they've arrived at that record that is most disheartening.

With so much talent on offense, it is downright unfathomable unforgivable for this Saints team to score only 10 points at home against a Bengals defense that is simply not that good.

I always like to capture the fans emotion as the game unfolds. It hasn't been pleasant the past two weeks y'all, but if we're going to enjoy the win, we have to be able to take the losses.

The Saints, as you all know, are still in it (thanks NFC South) so don't jump off the ledge just yet. But if you really have to jump, read this recap first, then put a big puffy mattress under the balcony, then jump. The adrenaline will wake you up, the scare will remind you that there are still important and enjoyable things in life: like 2014 LSU football. Wait, no, not that. Like spending time with your family and eating gumbo.

Here's the live tweet recap:


Minutes Before the Game

As always, the enthusiasm was high before the game.


For a brief moment, the enthusiasm even went up a little bit.

But that wasn't going to last as the Bengals fumbled their way into a 7-3 lead.


Killing Me Softly (And slowly)

The Saints would then go on a 17-play drive that took a looooong time and resulted in...nothing.

Starting from the shadow of their goal line, Andy Dalton would quickly get the Bengals into Saints' territory.

New Orleans did stop the Bengals, who kicked a field goal for a 10-3 lead.


Is it Christmas Yet?

After Brees and Co. kept sleepwalking through the first half and gave the ball back to Cincy, the Bengals were content to run out the clock at the end of the second quarter. Little did they know that the Saints defense was in a very giving mood. New Orleans' defense allowed rookie RB (and former LSU standout) Jeremy Hill to rip off a 62 yards run to put the Bengals in field goal range again with one second left.

Hey look, Twitter (unlike SB Nation) hasn't unfairly banned StuJo

At the half, the Bengals led 13-3. Not an insurmountable lead against the high-powered Saints offense. At least, that's the belief we all clung to.


Even The Leg?

The second half starts, and you know that things aren't going the Saints way when old-reliable punter Thomas Morstead shanks a punt.

Then the Saints defense allowed the Bengals to extend the lead to 20-3.

And there it was, after the Bengals touchdown, an old jerk wearing a Saints cap intercepted the football that Cincy tight end Jermaine Gresham was throwing to a Bengals fan.


False Hope

The Saints, as they've done often this year then gave a glimmer of hope to their fan, cutting the lead to 10 with a Stills touchdown reception from Drew Brees.


Yeah, No.

That burst of hope was short-lived, Cincinnati would quickly respond with a touchdown that would be the last score of the game.


You Are What Your Record Says You Are

But guess what, the Saints, thanks to their horrendous division, are still in it.


We may suck, but we march on Who Dat Nation, we march on!