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Who Dat... "Evermore!"

As the Saints prepare to host the Ravens, some fans of the black and gold have been spouting doom and gloom so thoroughly that even the macabre Edgar Allan Poe might begin to seek greener pastures. In response, and with a bit of an homage to the great American poet, here's a Who Dat spin on the poem for which Baltimore's current team was named.

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As Drew Brees prepares to become the third quarterback in history to defeat all 32 NFL teams (after the NFL scheduled Manning's game against the Colts back in September), we hope the Saints quarterback has been able to tune out the naysayers and keep his "annoying optimism" and the confidence required to lead the team to -- and through -- the playoffs.  I may not have the motivational capabilities of the great Sean Payton, but here's a somewhat lyrical retort to some of the Saints fans who have been spoiled by recent successes, and unreasonably critical of a team that has performed better -- in some ways -- than our record would indicate.

Who Dat "Evermore!"

- Read aloud on YouTube for your mocking pleasure here.

Once upon a season dreary, I admit to growing weary –
Often watching our beloved team lose by a single score.
"No!" I shouted, patience snapping, wondering if our boys were napping,
Our defenders arms were flapping, flapping as opponents scored.
"This is déjà vu," I muttered, as I watched the final score –
"Saints fans have seen this before."

Yes our season’s been depressing, but there’s hope and I’m not messing.
There is so much teams would envy, other than that final score.
Nobody’s kidding when they say: we’ve lost four games by just one play.
The luck just hasn’t gone our way – two plays from seven and four!
We’re nine and two with two plays more. Oh, how cruel, that final score!
Who Dat’s know there will be more.

The bandwagon’s getting lighter. Superdome has gotten quieter;
Saints fans find ourselves in shock as our record falls through the floor.
Although our wins are only five, postseason hopes are still alive
And keep in mind that playoff berth; that berth is what we’re playing for.
So while your feelings may grow sore as expectations hit the floor –
Win the South… and then there’s more.

I’m still a fan of Rob Ryan, though our defense has been dyin’ –
Felled by numerous broken bones, and tendons and ligaments tore.
Injuries have been so frightening. Now it’s Cooks; we’ll miss his lightning.
But our boys will keep on fighting to be the team we knew before.
Yes our boys will keep on fighting to make us proud, and even more.
And we’ll cheer them, evermore.

This isn’t like the days of old; the internet makes haters bold.
I hope our boys can be smart, and strong enough to just ignore
The "how bad are we" bloggers polls, and comments from the twitter trolls.
And idiots saying they’d take Foles, as if Breesus is no more.
There are many fans who’ll gladly show the haters to the door,
And shout, "WHO DAT!" evermore.

‘Cause Drew Brees, he’s been a’passing; and those yards, they’ve been amassing.
If he keeps it up, another 5k season is in store.
Plus Ingram’s shown that he can pound over a thousand on the ground.
I hope Loomis somehow keeps him playing for the Saints some more.
And Payton, seeing his success, keeps things balanced, like before.
Ground and air… forevermore!

When the Ravens come a knocking, Superdome will be a rocking,
And I pray the faith of many doubters… the Saints will restore.
But I’ll support them, win or lose; there is no other team to choose.
Some folks may be a bit confused; true fans keep up their support.
Fair weather "fans" can hit the door. Saints fans: get out on that floor
And scream WHO DAT evermore!


We may be banged up, bruised up, and even broken in some places... but we're not beaten.  Anyone who has been a fan of any team long enough has been through the hard times.  They just make the good times that much sweeter.  After all... how sweet would it be to have a solid playoff showing (or better) at this point, even if we barely make the postseason?