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Saints vs. Ravens Final Score: New Orleans falls to Baltimore 34-27

The Saints fall to 4-7 after losing to the Ravens 34-27 at home. Justin Forsett was dominant as he ran for 182 yards and two touchdowns on just 22 carries. The Saints defense was unable to give any resistance to the Ravens offense as they moved the ball consistently and efficiently all night long.

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Here's how it all happened:

First Quarter:

  • The Saints receive the opening kickoff.
  • Drew Brees opens in a shotgun formation and finds Jimmy Graham for a 1st down.
  • Joseph Morgan gets an end-around and takes it 67 yards inside the 5-yard line for a huge gain!
  • Mark Ingram loses the ball on 2nd down and the Ravens recover. After review, it's ruled that Ingram was down by contact before the fumble.
  • Sean Payton elects to go for it on 4th and 2, and Mark Ingram is stuffed for the 3rd time at the goal line. The Saints get no points after getting to the 1-yard line on Morgan's run.
  • Justin Forsett runs for a 38-yard gain on 1st down. Kenny Vaccaro starts the game with a missed tackle.
  • Steve Smith catches his 100th career pass against the Saints, and the Ravens convert on 3rd down to move the chains.
  • Steve Smith makes an incredible catch on 3rd down for a 15-yard touchdown. Brian Dixon was in man coverage on him and failed to bat down a ball that he should have. Ravens lead 7-0.
  • The Saints go 3-and-out on their 2nd drive.
  • David Hawthorne drops a sure pick and possible pick six, but the incompletion forces the Ravens to punt it away. Saints start the drive on their own 15-yard line.
  • The Saints get bailed out on a failed 3rd down conversion with an iffy hands-to-the-face penalty against Baltimore.
  • Drew Brees hits Morgan on the very next play on a beautiful deep pass for a 67-yard gain. Morgan gets tackled again before getting in the end zone.
  • There doesn't seem to be any running room tonight.
  • Brees connects with Graham for a 10-yard touchdown pass. Tie game at 7.
  • Brodrick Bunkley goes down with a lower body injury.
  • Steve Smith gets one-on-one coverage again on 3rd down and catches a 40-yard pass to get the Ravens inside the 10-yard line.
  • Second Quarter:

  • Kyle Juszczyk fumbles the ball away to the Saints on the 1-yard line. Huge turnover and huge play by Pierre Warren.
  • Brees completes a big pass to Josh Hill to get the Saints out of the shadow of their own end zone.
  • Nick Toon with a catch!
  • Marques Colston gets his 1st reception of the night to convert a 3rd down.
  • C.J. Mosley sacks Brees on 1st down. First sack of the night for the Ravens.
  • Elvis Dumervil goes untouched to sack Brees again just two plays later on 3rd and long. The blitz pickup does not look good.
  • Torrie Smith gains 40 yards on a pass from Joe Flacco on the 1st play after the punt. Yards after catch...
  • Justin Forsett runs straight through the Saints defense on back-to-back plays and he caps it off with a 13-yard touchdown run. Ravens lead 14-7.
  • Saints are bailed out again by a roughing the passer penalty on Baltimore that negates a failed 3rd down conversion.
  • Kenny Stills makes an awesome 33-yard catch to get the Saints inside the 10-line.
  • Jimmy Graham drops a touchdown pass on 3rd down, and the Saints are forced to kick the field goal. Ravens lead 14-10.
  • It seems that we can't tackle Forsett.
  • Junior Galette with a huge sack on third down! Once again, it seems like the defensive line is completely dependent on him making the big play.
  • Saints move the ball into field goal range quick and precise passes from Brees.
  • Colston goes up and catches a huge touchdown 26-yard touchdown pass from Brees! It was a risky throw, but Drew trusted his guy and Colston made the play. 8 plays for 81 yards in 1:30 with no timeouts for the Saints. They lead 17-14 going to the half.
  • Third Quarter:

  • The Ravens receive the ball to start the 2nd half.
  • It gets a little chippy after Steve Smith and Kenny Vacarro get involved in a physical altercation. Somehow they only called the penalty on KV. The defense seems energized after the play.
  • Rob Ryan brings an all out blitz on 3rd and 12, and Flacco beats it.
  • The Saints manage to limit the Ravens to a 31-yard field goal by Justin Tucker. Game tied at 17.
  • Mark Ingram runs for a first down lined up as the fullback.
  • A big run by Pierre Thomas is negated by a tough holding call on Jahri Evans.
  • Will Hill returns a Drew Brees interception for a touchdown. Brees was pressured and got hit as he threw the ball behind Graham. The blitz pickups have been really bad. Ravens lead 24-17.
  • Brees is sacked twice on 2nd and 3rd down and the Saints punt. The pass protection is just pitiful right now.
  • The Ravens continue to run the ball effectively.
  • Fourth Quarter:

  • On a 3rd and 2, Patrick Robinson plays almost 10 yards off of Torrey Smith, and he catches an easy 1st down.
  • Galette once again gets pressure and forces an errant throw by Flacco on 3rd down.
  • Tucker nails the 55-yard field goal. Ravens lead 27-27.
  • Colston gets another big catch by making a play on the ball. That's good to see.
  • The running game is finally starting to find some room.
  • Brees can't connect with Graham on 2nd or 3rd down and the Saints have to kick the field goal. Shayne Graham hits the 34-yarder, and the Ravens lead by 7 with 6:33 left.
  • Forsett once again runs straight through the Saints defense for a 35-yard gain. The Ravens are in position to finish this game out.
  • A bad pass interference is called on Keenan Lewis that washes a penalty on the Ravens.
  • Wow. Torrey Smith avoids multiple Saints defenders to gain 17 yards on 2nd and 19. The tackling and the angles were just terrible.
  • Forsett runs for a 20-yard touchdown. No resistance. Ravens lead 34-20
  • The Saints drive down the field and Brees connects with Graham for a 2-yard touchdown pass. Ravens lead 34-27. Onside kick coming up.
  • The onside kick was good, but a Ravens player makes a great play on the ball, and that will do it. Ravens win 34-27.