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Saints vs. Ravens: Live From Twitter

The New Orleans Saints are Twitter gold right now: in losing their third home-game in a row, they still found a way to soar before crashing in a glorious blaze of fire. Here's how the fans lived the highs and lows.

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

If you are a 2014 New Orleans Saints fan, you probably don't need to work out. Your team will keep you on edge, make you believe, them shred your heart to pieces. And next week, like a crazed Who Dat Junkie, you'll be coming back for more. Here's how it went down on Twitter on Monday night when New Orleans played Baltimore in the Mercedes-Benz Superdome, a game the Saints lost 34-27.


Minutes Before the Game

As is always the case, the Who Dat Nation was fired up before kickoff. Oh and CSC was representin' in the Dome.

Tradition was...ahem, beautifully acrobatic.


Starting With A Bang!

With the first play from scrimmage, WR Joe Morgan ran a reverse all the way down to the Ravens' one-yard line.


Bad Juju

The bang quickly turned into a whimper as one yard proved too long for the Saints.

First, RB Mark Ingram appeared to fumble the ball, triggering the ire of his "fans"

Fortunately for the Saints it was overturned and Ingram was beloved again.

On fourth down, the fans wanted Payton to go for it.

Saints failed on 4th down. What did my Falcons fan friend think about it?


Same Old, Same Old Defense.

Taking over at their 2-yard line, the Ravens would drive 98 yards for a TD by an old familiar foe: Steve Smith Sr. (who should just retire already).

Some of us needed bigger monitors in the Dome to better witness the Saints defensive ineptitude.


Making A Game Of It.

As is always the case with a Sean Payton/Drew Brees offense, the Saints eventually found some rhythm and the endzone. A Jimmy Graham touchdown was setup by another big play, a deep pass to Joe Morgan.


I Believe That We Will Win!

Saints actually fell behind again 14-7, but then proceeded to score the next 10 points to take a 17-14 lead into halftime. WR Marques Colston was the recipient of the go ahead touchdown, a beautiful dime by Drew Brees. Former Saints Steve Gleason was a soothsayer.


And The Bottom Fell Out Again.

Leading 17-14, the Saints had a lot of swag coming out in the second half. Well, stop me if you've heard this before in 2014: it was short-lived. With the Ravens having tied the game at 17, knowing he couldn't rely on a terrible defense, Drew Brees once again forced a throw under duress. At 24-17, the game had taken a turn for the worse for the home team.

Falcons fans were excited (forgive them, they're sucking too and misery loves company)


Nail in the Coffin.

The Ravens would add another touchdown to seal the deal. New Orleans scored a garbage time touchdown to make the final score look more respectable.


What? Playoffs? Playoffs??!

The Stainks, the Failclowns, the Pampers, the Suckaneers. The NFC South is nasty bad and I'm starting to like the idea that one of us is going to host a playoff game. Because it makes the NFL establishment frown, but they didn't frown when it happened in 2010. So let's win this dumpster fire, New Orleans. #Winning


Saints Fans Are Still The Best.

Despite the loss, the three-game losing streak, the disappointment, what is most awesome about doing this recap is seeing the parting shots from Saints fans. Who Dat Y'all, we are Saints now and forever!


The Saints are now 4-7 with five games remaining in the season. The team is still fighting hard and the effort was much better than against the Bengals, which is an encouraging sign. The main issue with this team is its defense simply isn't even fit to play in the CFL right now. Unless Rob Ryan makes some schematic changes to help it play better, there will be more sad Twitter recaps. But we'll be here, holding down the fort. Hang in there Who Dat Nation!