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New Orleans Saints Interested in Ray Rice

Multiple sources have reported that 4 teams have expressed interest in former Ravens running back Ray Rice. The New Orleans Saints were listed as one of those teams.

The next Saint signing?
The next Saint signing?
Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

Former Baltimore Ravens RB Ray Rice was reinstated this past week and it appears he may not have to wait long to get back to work. Many 'news' outlets are revealing that 4 teams have expressed interest in Rice including the Saints and the Indianapolis Colts. Neither will pursue Rice, but if his agent calls, who knows what will happen? The other two teams names have not been released.

Rice has not played since the preseason but is rumored to be in football shape. The general opinion is that he would need to go to a team that has structure, support, and a strong head coach. It is quite a situation to consider for a player who is appoaching the down side of his career.

Signing Rice could be a PR Nightmare for just about every team in the league, but some are built to weather the storm. There is also one other, the one who's owner just donated a large sum of money and would probably love a chance to give the single gun salute to the Commish! This team is also very banged up at RB...

This brings up the big question - How would you feel about the Saints signing Ray Rice?