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Saints vs. Steelers: Live From Twitter

Just like the Saints drew it up: lose three straight home games, then go on the road and hang 35 points on the Steelers. Here's how the Twitter Who Dat Nation lived the first Saints win in four games.

Jason Bridge-USA TODAY Sports

The optimism wasn't very high among Saints fans on Sunday morning knowing that the 4-7 New Orleans Saints had to play at 7-4 Pittsburgh Steelers. The Saints have struggled this season and they entered Heinz Field on Sunday having won only one road game in 2014. However, I'm starting to think that we should just listen to "BewareofDog" who warned us that Payton and Co. had a few more tricks up their sleeve.


Minutes Before the Game

The day started with a bit of a controversial media storm. Dare I say that...ahem, some members of this very blog would have agreed with Rapoport before the game?



Oh No, Here We Go Again

New Orleans started the game slowly, allowing long drives to the Steelers, while the offense was going three and out twice. In the process, Saints cornerback Patrick Robinson was dropping interceptions like they were hot potatoes.

There was a lot of grunting.

There was even some French.


Wait...What? On the Road?

Looking listless and overmatched, the Saints suddenly remembered that Pittsburgh's secondary wasn't exactly the best in the world. Trailing 6-0, New Orleans woke up and scored the next 14 points.

Leading 7-6, the Saints would get their first interception in a long while by safety Kenny Vaccaro.

The Kennys had come to play, as WR Kenny Stills kept being on the receiving end of long passes.

New Orleans would find its way to the endzone for an improbable 14-6 near halftime.

Leading 14-6, the Saints defense, as it's accustomed to doing, let the Steelers get in field goal range with very little time left. Luckily, Pittsburgh missed. THEY MISSED!


Can You Keep This Up?

The Saints issues in 2014 have mostly resulted from the inability to close the deal. With an eight-point lead at halftime, New Orleans looked to keep its momentum in the second half. After a three-and-out by its offense, Cam Jordan delivered New Orleans' second takeaway of the day.

Dave and our Who Dat Girl Leaux were on top of things:

The refs were not.

And then it happened!

And then another, even more unlikely thing happened!


Make Love, Not War

A 21-6 lead looked great, but the 2014 Saints aren't interested in making your life easy. New Orleans quickly allowed Pittsburgh to march down the field for a TD of their own, triggering the ire of Saints head coach Sean Payton towards his defensive coordinator Rob Ryan and pretty much anyone who stood near him on the sideline.

As always, Ralph put things in perspective like pretty much no one else on earth can.


Hanging In There

Leading 21-13, there was no quit in the Saints offense on Sunday. the Saints once again drove down the field for a touchdown, another big reception by WR Kenny Stills

The Steelers were sick of seeing Stills.


Sealing the Deal...Kinda

After a Steelers field goal made the score 28-16, New Orleans again drove down the field for a touchdown, this time by all-time Saints reception leader WR Marques Colston.



In the last 10:25, the Saints defense would allow two touchdowns and two point conversions to the Steelers to make the game a tab bit more stressful and the score look more respectable. But a win is a win is a win.

New Orleans allowed a near 98 yards TD drive with just over a minute left.


A Win At Last

The Saints eventually did win, 35-32. Guess what, we'll take it. Bring on the Panthers next week in the Dome. Although the Saints have now won two in a row on the road and lost three at home. Go figure!