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Curtis Lofton Fined $8,268 For TD Scuffle Last Sunday

Curtis Lofton was fined for his role in the fighting that happened after Cam's TD during the Saints game against the Panthers.

Crystal LoGiudice-USA TODAY Sports

Now I have no problem with Curtis Lofton being fined for the altercation however, Cam Newton received no fine for his part in starting the scuffle. The Panther TE Brandon Williams who was ejected,  was fined the same amount. I'm of the same mind as those who feel that the best way to have handled the situation was to have stopped them from getting into the endzone, but Cam Newton's part in the situation should have borne the same fine in my opinion. That is not to say any of it had any bearing on the game. All the players involved would have been better suited to display that fire during the game instead of permitting the humiliating defeat that the Carolina team put on Saints.

Unrelated to the fight, WR Kelvin Benjamin was also fined $8268 for an unnecessary roughness penalty he drew during the same game.

No word yet on whether Lofton will appeal the fine or not.