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Bears Fans Continue To Party Like It's 1985

Marshall Faulk's GMC Prompt asked us at CSC to compliment our next opponents. The Week 15 matchup against the Bears promises to be a high flying primetime shootout where no one wins! So I decided to reach into the history well for this one.

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With the Saints going up against the Chicago Bears on Monday Night Football in what is sure to be a(n) offensive primetime struggle for the ages, it only seems right to pay homage to such a storied franchise around this time of year.  Having grown up in an area that loves Chicago football, I figured that I would be the perfect person to tackle this week's GMC prompt from Marshall Faulk:

The Bears are a truly amazing franchise.  It's like they have sleeper agents throughout the NFL designed to inconvenience the Saints.  They ended New Orleans' incredible playoff run back in 2006, but who can really blame them for that?  No, I would like to thank the Bears for the greatest gift that they ever gave us: Mike Ditka.

Because of Ditka, the Saints are forever indebted to Chicago.  A surefire Hall of Fame coach?  In New Orleans!?  Incredible!  Ditka then went on to make one of the most shocking moves in NFL history.  Trading away an entire draft for Ricky Williams, of course, comes to mind.  But honestly, who could blame him?  It's not like these massive, seemingly one sided deals had ever backfired in recent history. Right?

Of course New Orleans was just a running back away from competing!  Who could argue with talent at quarterback like Jake Delhomme or Billy Joe Squared (Hobert and Tolliver, not so respectively)?  Or their targets?  Eddie Kennison and Keith Poole?  And that defense!  Lord have Mercy!  Move over Jackson, Mills, Johnson and Swilling.  Bordano, Fields and the Mitchells Keith and Kevin are in town!

Of course, it's not like the Saints haven't returned the favor.  New Orleans unloaded that nasty offensive line guru Aaron Kromer onto Chicago.  From 2012 to 2013, the Saints fell from the 6th best offensive line to the 11th best according to Pro Football Focus, and are free falling fast in 2014.  Meanwhile, Kromer has become the offensive coordinator in Chicago (a regrettable decision, as Saints fans know after his head coaching stint in 2012), but he was able to improve Chicago's offensive line from 30th to 19th in one season.

With that being said, the biggest compliment that I can pay to Chicago is that they have this amazing talent to make me forget that they have exactly as many Super Bowl wins as the Saints.  One.  The way that people talk, it sounds like 1980-1989 was a dynasty that made The Steel Curtain look like a bedsheet.  Personally, I blame these guys. Are they indicative of all Chicago fans?  Of course not.  Bears fans were remarkably hospitable when the Saints visited in 2006. So never change Bears fans, and keep partying like it's 1985.  We all know that you will, even when the rest of us start dressing up in Neon Leggings like it's the 90s all over again.

Note: This post is, of course, parody.  Any Bears fans that read this and are offended, I'm probably not talking about you.  Hope you get crushed Monday!

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