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Saints Thursday Injury report: Akiem Hicks Does Not Practice

Akiem Hicks had a monster of a sack on Monday against the Bears, power rushing up the middle and dragging the line with him to make the sack on Jay Cutler. I don't remember when Hicks hurt the ankle and hopefully the Saints are just giving it a rest to be ready for the Falcons contest on Sunday.

Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

During Sean Payton's interview he had high praise for Matt Ryan's skills. Good arm, accurate, and quick with the release. Said that Ryan's line has jelled in the later part of the season as opposed to the first matchup between the Falcons and the Saints. As far as the "twitter wars" this week he said he doesn't place much importance in it.

When asked whether the Saints fans being loud was important and if the team made them more so when they played well, Sean said they go hand in hand. We need the fans to be loud and we need to play well! No argument from this end.

The interview starts 11 minutes and 50 seconds in on the player.

Also pop over to twitter and wish both Pierre Thomas and Benjamin Watson a Happy Birthday!

New Orleans Saints Thursday Injury Report:

Did Not Practice

DE Akiem Hicks (Ankle)

OT Terron Armstead (Neck)

Jamarca Sanford (Hamstring)

Atlanta Falcons Thursday Injury Report:

Asamoah, Jon G Back DNP DNP - -
Douglas, Harry WR Foot DNP LP - -
Jones, Julio WR Hip DNP DNP - -
Moore, William S Foot DNP LP - -
White, Roddy WR Knee DNP LP - -
Wilson, Josh CB Hand FP FP - -