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Saints vs. Falcons Final Score: Saints Out of the Playoffs After 30-14 Loss.

The New Orleans Saints were in a "win or go home" scenario against the Atlanta Falcons this afternoon in the Mercedes-Benz Superdome. They went home alright, losing 30-14 in a year that will live in infamy in the Sean Payton era with the Saints.

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

First Quarter:

  • The Saints receive the opening kickoff.
  • Jalen Saunders takes the kickoff return 99 yards to the 1-yard line! He's been a huge addition.
  • Mark Ingram runs it in on the next play for a touchdown. Saints lead 20 seconds into the game, 7-0.
  • A hold on Atlanta's first play makes it 1st and 20.
  • Long completions to Julio Jones and Devonta Freeman put the Falcons in Saints' territory.
  • Saints make a 3rd down stop to force a 44-yard field, which Matt Bryant makes. Saints lead, 7-3.
  • The Saints go 3-and-out and don't run the ball once. A great punt by Thomas Morstead puts the Falcons on their own 6-yard line.
  • The Falcons counter with their own 3-and out, and the Saints start the drive on their own 30-yard line.
  • Saunders gets a reception on first down.
  • Drew Brees runs for a first down. *Announcer talks about overrated athleticism*
  • Jimmy Graham runs a terrible route and doesn't make a play on the ball and forces a 4th down and 2. A false start forces 4th and 7, and Brees throws an interception to Desmond Trufant.
  • The Falcons run a pitch on 3rd and 1, and it's stopped. The Saints get the ball on their own 10-yard line.
  • New Orleans goes 3-and-out once again and punt it back to the Falcons. The offensive line is playing terribly.

Second Quarter:

  • Falcons punt.
  • Brees sacked.
  • Saints punt.
  • Falcons punt again.
  • Brees sacked again.
  • Saints punt again.
  • Falcons begin to drive using intermediate passing game.
  • Saints corners are giving receivers all the room in the world even on short yardage situations.
  • Julio makes a big catch over the middle to put the Falcons in scoring territory.
  • Eric Weems scores on a shovel pass touchdown from Matt Ryan. Falcons lead, 13-7.

Third Quarter:

  • Falcons receive to start the second half.
  • The Saints defense bows its neck and stops Atlanta on a short third down.
  • Saints get the ball and punt after four plays.
  • Falcons take the ball and drive the length of the field for a touchdown and a 20-7 lead..
  • Brees sacked for the fourth time of the day.
  • Saints convert a 4th and 2 in their own territory.
  • New Orleans drives into Atlanta's redzone at the end of the quarter.

Fourth Quarter:

  • Saints start the quarter with a pass to Jimmy Graham at the goal line. Graham appeared to break the plane, but fumbled as he tried to get in. The ruling goes against the Saints and Atlanta take over.
  • The Falcons take the ball and drive into Saints territory.
  • New Orleans' defense makes a stand and forces a punt.
  • Saints take the ball around their 15-yard line and drive into Atlanta's territory.
  • Brees throws a perfect pass to Graham in the endzone for the actual touchdown this time. Falcons lead, 20-14. The Saints need a stop.
  • Falcons drive stalls near midfield and the Saints get the ball with 2:40 left.
  • Brees then throws one of his patented interceptions in the Saints redzone.
  • Falcons kick a field goal to take a nine point lead at 23-14.
  • Saints drive deep into Falcons territory, but Brees gets sacked for the fifth time.
  • Brees fumbles and the Falcons return it for a touchdown and win 30-14.
  • The Saints season ends in fitting fashion, Mike Smith sweeps Sean Payton for the first time.