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Saints Final Presser for 2014: Sean Payton Hates Losing

Sean Payton started out the final press interview stating he was disappointed in the season and disappointed for the fans.

Talk to you in the morning!
Talk to you in the morning!
Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Sean started out saying that today was a review of the game yesterday and a start into the post season. Had meetings with players and coaches and that he wasn't going to discuss any changes to be made. Said anything done in regards to personnel, either players, coaches or other staffing would be disclosed at the proper time. So naturally the first question asked, tried to wheedle out information on Rob Ryan's status for next year. Well you can listen how that turned out below.

Coach said everything had to be evaluated and the process would begin over the next 2 weeks and continue into the next 2 months. When asked about the report that Wesley McGriff going to Vandy, he said he didn't know anything about it, and joked about the source. Said he was sure Wesley would  talk with him about it if there was anything to it.  Asked about Ryan Pace, Sean said he was very talented. Said he was always fired up to meet with Ryan in the morning.

Said 1st thing he would do was make out the schedule for everything from now on into training camp. Downplayed the effect of where training camp was held, but instead placed the blame on paying attention to the little details. Have to improve in all areas. When asked about players being late to meeting or fines, Sean said that those kind of things stand out in a season like this, but that it wasn't anything above the norm. Said the Saints did things this year that they were used to other teams doing. Like jumping offside on fourth and 2. Those kind of things cost you games and that's what was so unusual this year. We beat ourselves at times. Too many turnovers. Need better ball security. Those are the things that cost you games.

Asked if they planned on "blowing thing up" Sean said no. Not going into rebuild mode. It will be somewhere in the middle. Lots of changes will have to be made, but the evaluation process would determine that. Touched on the draft class, and said it  was too soon to judge it. Said Brandin Cooks had shown much that they expected out of him, and knew going in it would take time for Stanley Jean-Baptiste . Said next year would be a better indicator of the success of this years draft.

Asked about Kenny Stills' injury yesterday, he thought it was just cramps. He went right back in.

Asked about Jairus Byrd's rehab, said he was doing great. Had been in this morning and expected him to be back 100%.

You can listen to the whole presser below.

Interview was scheduled to start at 11:30 but started late so Sean's interview starts in at about 46:30.