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Drew Brees Wins NFC Offensive Player of the Week Award

Drew has 18 Player of Week Awards since joining the New Orleans Saints in 2006. The most in the NFL during that span.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

This actually make Drew Brees' 20th "Offensive Player of the Week" award, one of only 3 players to obtain at least 20. Peyton Manning has 27 and Tom Brady has 24.

Drew Brees (20) joins Peyton Manning (27) & Tom Brady (24) as only 3 in @NFL to win 20+ Player of Week Awards"

A bogus "Saints planing to move on" article was posted ahead of Sunday's game against the Pittsburgh Steelers. During the game Drew Brees threw for 257 yards, 19 completions of 27 attempts and 5 TDs, for a passer rating of 140. This was also Drew's 9th career 5 TD performance, tying another New Orleans favorite son, Peyton Manning for the most such games in the NFL.

Much has been made of the fact that Drew has thrown 11 INTs this season, Well I hate to break it to the "step decline crowd" but that's actually pretty close to average for the 35 year old QB. His 11 INTs ironically, has happened twice in his career with the New Orleans Saints, in 2006 and 2009. His average over his career is 15.

His high was in 2010, a total of 22 INTs. For his complete career stats you can check

Yes Drew has thrown 3 pic 6's this season as well, and at some bad times, but Drew is far from being the reason for our dismal record this year. There is plenty of blame to go around from dropped passes to huge defensive failures, particularly at the end of close games, to untimely fumbles. While our 5-7 record says we aren't a good team this season, every opponent respects us, and does not take this team lightly. If the Saints can take care of business the rest of the regular season we can expect to make the post season, and as they say, it's fair game from there. I don't know that this defense can carry us too far in the playoffs, but I'm fairly confident Drew is ready to do his part.

This is a cool visual that comes to us from FindTheBest.  You can hover over the visual with your mouse cursor to see detailed info on the numbers or select specific values that you want to isolate. We'll be using more of these visuals in our pieces in the future.