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Ryan Pace Interviewing With the Bears and Saints Signings Updates: Rufus Johnson is Back

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The Bears request to interview Ryan Pace and the Saints have signed a couple of more players for the 2015 90 man roster.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

The Chicago Bears have requested permission to interview Saints director of player personnel, Ryan Pace. Ryan was promoted to the position in 2013 and handled the responsibilities of overseeing scouting  and evaluation of both college and professional players. The Saints blocked the Dolphins from interviewing Pace at the end of last season, however Ryan's contract is up this year, and we aren't in the post season.

With Building 2015 Roster: The Journey Begins, the Saints started filling out the 2015 training camp roster. Today listed at was the signing to a Reserve/Future contract was Rufus Johnson. Rufus was the Saints 6th pick in the 2013 draft and had been released by the team.

The Saints have also signed ex-Giants safety Kenny Phillips to a Reserve/Futures contract. Kenny was the Giants 1st round pick in 2008.

Story correction: has Rufus Johnson listed on the Saints transaction page. It appears that he was signed by the Patriots instead. Still trying to verify this. He's not on their transaction page.