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Saints vs. Panthers Final Score: Community Roll Call for Saints 41-10 Loss to Panthers

Below are all the stats from our four open threads during the Saints depressing 41-10 loss to the Panthers in the Mercedes-Benz Superdome on Sunday. Thanks to all who participated.

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Derick E Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

The Saints lost their fourth straight game at home this Sunday when they were manhandled by the Panthers 41-10 on their own turf. Here's what you guys were saying during this surprising win, and who was saying it. Thanks to everyone who participated.

Roll Call Info
Total comments 749
Total commenters 44
Commenter list '09, ASaintForever, Adolpho_Brazil, Boltricity, Breesus Christ Superstar, Cajun in CA, CajunStrosFan, Chompski, Dang Hu Dat, David "Satch" Kelly, Drama504, Drunkamania, FrenchieQC, FrozenFinger, Hans Petersen, JR Ella, LoachInTheHouse, Matt Mosley, Meethos, MooreBreezy, PanheadCatahoula, Philinwood, Philistine, SaintsRule2011, Saintsfan820, Spanish Saint, TacoExcellence, Toll Booth Willie, William D'Arcy, blazin_sess, brass bonanza, cajuncommando58, canu2u, creepa, daisy117, fshabazz, johnmc318, m_malph, metryman, mississippisaintsfan, saint-sly, saintstildeath46, stujo4, westsoundsaint
Story URLs
# Commenter # Comments
1 Hans Petersen 190
2 stujo4 172
3 Philistine 52
4 Meethos 36
5 cajuncommando58 33
6 fshabazz 28
7 metryman 24
8 MooreBreezy 22
9 canu2u 21
10 Saintsfan820 19
11 Toll Booth Willie 18
12 CajunStrosFan 13
13 blazin_sess 11
14 Dang Hu Dat 10
15 Philinwood 10
16 m_malph 9
17 '09 7
18 Chompski 7
19 LoachInTheHouse 6
20 ASaintForever 6
21 creepa 6
22 Cajun in CA 6
23 mississippisaintsfan 5
24 JR Ella 4
25 FrenchieQC 4
26 Spanish Saint 4
27 TacoExcellence 3
28 Drunkamania 2
29 saintstildeath46 2
30 PanheadCatahoula 2
31 Matt Mosley 2
32 David "Satch" Kelly 2
33 westsoundsaint 2
34 Drama504 1
35 johnmc318 1
36 Breesus Christ Superstar 1
37 Adolpho_Brazil 1
38 Boltricity 1
39 daisy117 1
40 saint-sly 1
41 FrozenFinger 1
42 William D'Arcy 1
43 SaintsRule2011 1
44 brass bonanza 1
# Recs Commenter Comment Link
3 Meethos [no title]
3 saintstildeath46 1st
2 Dang Hu Dat Geaux Saints!
2 stujo4 [no title]
2 cajuncommando58 [no title]
2 cajuncommando58 Someone tell Carolina running up the score is disrespectful...LOL
2 Spanish Saint Good evening CSC
2 Philistine Gibbs, Williams, Spagnuolo, Ryan...
2 Toll Booth Willie redskins might release RG III
2 Philistine At least you'll see both sides score
1 Chompski [no title]
1 stujo4 [no title]
1 stujo4 [no title]
1 Meethos [no title]
1 stujo4 [no title]
1 Philistine The Saints are not out of it yet - unless the defense keeps playing the way they started the game
1 Meethos [no title]
1 Adolpho_Brazil It will be impossible
1 Hans Petersen [no title]
1 stujo4 [no title]
1 Hans Petersen Is there such a thing as a wake up "fight"?
1 MooreBreezy [no title]
1 Philinwood A veteran QB should not throw that pass or at least not underthrow that pass into double coverage.
1 Chompski Sigh
1 cajuncommando58 I can't finish my last one...
1 Meethos Stat padding!
1 blazin_sess Atlanta will come into the Dome and stump our butts
1 ASaintForever I go way back
1 stujo4 [no title]
1 JR Ella Game Recap is up. Vent!
1 stujo4 we deserve that
1 stujo4 [no title]
1 metryman [no title]
1 stujo4 Sean Payton is not using his best judgement
1 cajuncommando58 And my phone...
1 Hans Petersen Just opened a fresh beer...whoa - smells real skunky. Wait, that smell is coming from that domed stadium on my TV.
1 Hans Petersen streaming radio?
1 stujo4 [no title]
1 canu2u Thanks, Obama.
1 Toll Booth Willie to boo them as they return to team HQ?
1 Hans Petersen damn auto-correct
1 stujo4 generational divide
1 Meethos [no title]
1 ASaintForever Total Meltdown
1 stujo4 [no title]
1 Philistine Panthers 17-0 with 6:41 left in the first quarter - give them credit, they're kicking the Saints' sorry butts
1 CajunStrosFan There is no way that McClown
1 johnmc318 anyone else besides me has got to the point of just laughing at this team...
1 fshabazz Brees can you LEAD Morgan?!?!!?
1 Philinwood up the middle with Ingram...
1 Philistine Happy Pearl Harbor Day at the Superdome
1 Drunkamania [no title]
1 Philinwood I've seen good Saints teams and bad Saints teams
1 Matt Mosley [no title]
1 Toll Booth Willie big difference between the end of 2001 and now
1 Hans Petersen Jingle Bells, Payton Smells, Ingram dropped the ball...
1 stujo4 they deserve it
1 Hans Petersen audibled to a bowl of cheddar corn
1 Hans Petersen game's not over yet
1 stujo4 [no title]
1 stujo4 [no title]
1 Toll Booth Willie fans deserve their money back today
1 Meethos [no title]
1 JR Ella Throw a raw rookie into the fire...
1 canu2u Think I'm going to go watch porn.
1 Saintsfan820 Did our team even comeback from Pittsburgh or did they stay to enjoy their win?
1 MooreBreezy Let's get this goin
1 stujo4 because he'd end up looking like Brain Dixon only taller
1 '09 Time to clean house
1 Hans Petersen Saints are about to start running up the score

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