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Saints vs. Panthers: Live From Twitter

The Saints are 5-8, but it's the way they got there that was mesmerizing: a 41-10 home blowout at the hand of the Carolina Panthers. Twitter was aghast.

Photomanipulation artwork by Augustine Zander.
Photomanipulation artwork by Augustine Zander.

As I was progressively writing the game summary of Sunday's Saints-Panthers contest, I had to keep one eye on Twitter and the other on the game. At one point, I stopped looking at the TV and I was just enjoying...wait, no enjoying isn't the word: I was sadly hypnotized by the way "Who Dat Twitter" exploded then eventually shrugged their collective shoulders, sighed and tried to figure out just what had happened.

The New Orleans Saints at 5-7 had a chance with a win to get to 6-7, completely bury the Panthers and with a potential Falcons' loss in Green Bay, take sole possession of the NFC South. Saints players had other ideas: like go shopping for the holidays, or go enjoy life in the VIP section of some Gentleman's Club on Bourbon Street.

In any case, in you cans stomach it, here's how Twitter survived the debacle that was 2014 Saints-Panthers Part II. And what a debacle it was.


Minutes Before the Game

The Who Dat Nation was well-lubricated and excited before the game, although there was a subtle nervousness in the air.

For some reason, just before kickoff this appeared on my timeline. She's a cheerleader for the Texans, but hey...Tradition perpetuated


The Beginning of the End

The game started with Carolina quickly moving down the field for an easy touchdown. The Saints defense was likely still in the locker room bragging about how they're better than previous Saints defenses. Especially the 2012 defense.


Et tu Quoque Mi Offendiculo?

Yes, the Saints' offense was just as offensive as their defense (what?). On their first possession, Mark Ingram promptly fumbled (something he hasn't done very often) in Saints' territory.

The Saints would stop the Panthers on third down and hold them to a field goal! #Winning


Thanks But I'm Not Interested!

This was the message sent by New Orleans' offense. On their second possession, Brees launched his 12th interception of the season. #MoreWinning

Um...what? (A wink to all of you lovely nerds)

The Panthers said: "thank you, since you don't want the ball we'll take it." Carolina went down the field to take a 17-0 lead. The most memorable thing however was a fight that ensued between Saints and Panthers players.


A Little Spark

New Orleans finally scored a field goal and got a spark from an improbable source: recently signed WR Jalen Saunders.

Trying to reduced the score to an 11-point deficit at 17-6, "Red Shayne" shanked a FG

The other red Graham, the richer one, was nowhere to be found for the second week in a row.

Before the end of the half, Carolina added another touchdown, just for the fun of it.


You Will Eat This and You Will Like It.

Trailing 24-3 at halftime, many Saints fans hoped the game could be called right there. Nope. There were two more quarters of agony in store. Others fans started to vent in a more vitriolic fashion.

Vicki still believed

After a quick three and out by the offense, the Saints defense was back at work. It still wasn't working.


Running it Up!

The Panthers complained before the game that New Orleans had run the score up on them last year in a 31-13 defeat in the Superdome. So of course, they did the exact same. Guess what? I'm not complaining about it. If you don't like it, stop it. If you can't stop it, take it.


But wait, there's that TD Streak thing.

Oh yeah, Drew Brees went for some garbage time yards and a touchdown pass to Ben Watson. By the way, Watson is on fire, two touchdowns in two games (hey, gotta cheer for something right?)


Can You Believe This? You Should.

So like Lenny Kravitz said: It Ain't Over Til It's Over!

Who Dat!