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New Orleans Saints Waive WR Joseph Morgan

NFL Network is reporting that the Saints have waived receiver Joseph Morgan.

Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

It's been a troubled road for Joe Morgan in the NFL and it looks like the Saints may be done with him this time. He was suspended by the team for undisclosed reasons earlier in the year. The Advocate has details on today's roster move.

Fourth-year receiver Joseph Morgan was waived, the NFL Network reported Tuesday. A source indicated the report on Morgan was accurate.

NFL Network also reported Tuesday more changes were in store. This is not surprising, given that coach Sean Payton said more than once he would not rule out any changes to the roster despite the fact the 15th week of the season begins Thursday. had this to say:

Unfortunately, trouble has followed Morgan everywhere. His college career began at Illinois but ended at Walsh University after he couldn't last with the Illini, and he's had repeated problems in New Orleans, including a suspension earlier this season. Now the Saints have had enough.

Morgan will go on waivers, which means he's available to any team that wants to put in a claim. He could be intriguing for some contender that needs some offensive firepower - and is willing to put up with some off-field headaches.

Coach Payton will not address the media until tomorrow after the Saints' first practice of the week. I'm sure reporters will ask him about this move, but I'll be surprised if he provides more than a 2-3 word answer.