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Saints News, 2/10/14: Is NFL Locker Room Ready For Michael Sam?

Larry Holder from has a very interesting and thought-provoking article today on former Missouri defensive lineman Michael Sam, the 2013 SEC Defensive Player of the Year and openly homosexual NFL draft prospect. Holder details an experience he had in the Saints locker room two years ago that makes him wonder how Sam will be treated by NFL teams and players. It's an interesting read and you can find a link to the article below.

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Saints News

Is NFL locker room ready for Michael Sam? | Commentary |
I had never heard of the term "no homo" before having an awkward exchange with a New Orleans Saints player in the locker room a couple of years ago.

About Michael Sam, Saints player says: ‘I can care less about someone’s sexual preference.’ | Black and Gold
A day after Sam came out on Sunday, another current Saints players reacted in the complete opposite manner, saying, "I can care less about someone’s sexual preference. My check (is) still (going to) look the same."

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NFC South potential free agents | ProFootballTalk
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Michael Sam

Michael Sam went public now to avoid someone else breaking news | ProFootballTalk
While defensive end Michael Sam came out to the general public on Sunday night, his teammates at the University of Missouri and several NFL teams already knew about his sexual orientation.

Giants co-owner calls Michael Sam "courageous man" | ProFootballTalk
While many in the football world will take the pragmatic approach to draft prospect Michael Sam's announcement that he's gay, there has been support as well.

Matt Birk: Someone’s sexuality doesn’t come into play at work | ProFootballTalk
Former Vikings and Ravens center Matt Birk wrote an op-ed opposing expanding the legal definition of marriage for the Minneapolis Star Tribune in 2012, which made him an obvious call for comment in the wake of Missouri defensive end Michael Sam's announcement that he's gay.

Ryan Clark: Players will want to know what they can say to Michael Sam | ProFootballTalk
So what will happen when Michael Sam enters an NFL locker room? Steelers safety Ryan Clark has provided a candid assessment of the issues presented by an openly gay player during a visit via satellite to ESPN's SportsCenter.

Packers, Eagles, say they have no problem with Michael Sam | ProFootballTalk
The early rush of opinions on out-of-the-closet Missouri defensive end Michael Sam was largely negative, with unnamed scouts downplaying his ability and accentuating the possible negatives. But now that people with names are beginning to talk, the opinions are getting more positive.

Mike Mayock thinks Michael Sam’s a 3rd- to 5th-rounder | ProFootballTalk
The NFL was quick to come out with a statement, saluting the courage of Missouri defensive end Michael Sam. And now, the lead draft analyst of the league’s own network is on the record saying Sam should be a mid-round pick.

Kluwe warns that "distraction" is code for intolerance | ProFootballTalk
Three weeks ago, Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman suggested that "thug" has become code for racial slurs. Former NFL punter Chris Kluwe has applied that same argument to the circumstances confronting former Missouri defensive end Michael Sam.


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