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NFL Free Agency and NFL Draft 2014 Simulators

Here are two amazing websites that allow any NFL fan to simulate free agency and the NFL Draft as general manager of their favorite team.

Derick E. Hingle-US PRESSWIRE

Technology is pretty freakin' awesome. Especially when it allows me to pretend like I'm in control of my favorite football team. Which is entirely possible thanks to two incredible websites I've discovered.

First is Over the Cap's salary cap calculator. This is an incredibly detailed simulator that allows anyone to cut, trade, restructure, or extend current player contracts while also allowing you to tag or sign free agents ready to hit the open market. And not just for this league year, but all the way through 2018! Think you can easily get the Saints under the salary cap while still fielding a Super Bowl contender? Give it a whirl.

And once you've got the Saints ready for free agency, you can then put yourself in the their NFL Draft war room with Fanspeak's On the Clock mock draft simulator. Make your draft picks for the Saints in all seven rounds while the simulator chooses for the other 31 teams based on the best player available and updated team needs.

Have fun! And be sure to share your results in the comment section below when you're done!