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Podcast: Should the Saints Draft Michael Sam?

The boys discuss whether the Saints should draft Michael Sam, Jimmy Graham's contract, and the Browns hiring of Bill Kuharich. Want to join the fun or ask the guys a question, email them at

The boys discuss whether the Saints should draft Michael Sam. Does anyone care that he is gay? Ralph and Kevin want the Saints to draft him because the national media will cover the Saints more. Kevin wonders if Sam coming out will lead to more NFL players announcing the are gay.

The Browns hired Bill Kuharich and it nearly caused Ralph to die of laughter. Saints fans over 35 understand why.

The boys start their Saints off-season position breakdown with the quarterbacks. When will Ryan Griffin be allowed to lead the Saints to glory?

Kevin wrestling update.

The boys have a crazy debate about Jimmy Graham.

Plus your Twitter questions on the insanity of Rob Ryan.

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WARNING: podcast contains explicit language