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Darren Sharper Charged With Drugging, Raping Two Women In Los Angeles

Sharper was charged Friday with drugging and raping two women in Los Angeles, one in October and one in January, according to a complaint filed by the L.A. district attorney's office. He is also currently being investigated for rape in New Orleans, Arizona, and Nevada.

Karl Walter

Reports of former Saints safety Darren Sharper being investigated for rape first started surfacing weeks ago. Today, the Los Angeles D.A. formally charged him with drugging and raping two women. They also revealed that other states are investigating Sharper for the same crimes. We already knew about the New Orleans investigation, but now we learn that Arizona and Nevada are also investigating him. WOW!

Here are some of the sordid details:

In both incidents Sharper is accused of following a similar pattern of raping women whom he had invited to his hotel room, and given them alcoholic shots containing Ambien and morphine, causing them to pass out, prosecutors said.

L.A. prosecutors allege Sharper met two women at a West Hollywood nightclub on Oct. 30, 2013 and invited them to another party. On the way, Sharper told the women he had to stop by his hotel room to pick up something and invited both women up to his room, according to the allegations.

There, he gave each woman a shot, and both women subsequently passed out, prosecutors say. One woman told investigators she woke up naked hours later with Sharper sexually assaulting her. The second woman then woke up and "interrupted his actions," according to prosecutors.

On Jan. 14, Sharper met two separate woman at the same West Hollywood nightclub and invited them to a party. Stopping at his hotel, he invited both up to his room, offered them a shot and each passed out, prosecutors allege.

When they woke up hours later the next day, one of the women told authorities she believed she had been sexually assaulted. Both women left the hotel and sought medical treatment, authorities said.

Sharper is accused of possessing morphine and zolpidem, commonly known as Ambien. Prosecutors charged Sharper with two counts of rape by use of drugs, four counts of furnishing a controlled substance and one count of possession of a controlled substance, all felonies.

Sharper had been free on $200,000 bond since his Jan. 17 arrest in Los Angeles. Prosecutors said they plan to ask a judge to increase Sharper's bond to $10 million in part because of the fact that Sharper lives in Miami and has pending rape investigations in three other states.

Who knew Sharper could be capable of such crimes? I was all willing last month to let the justice system do its job and find the truth in this matter before condemning Sharper and admonishing him for such terrible judgement, but this is too many incidents spread across too many states for anyone not to realize that there appears to be a pattern of immoral behavior here.

It's safe to say we won't be seeing Sharper on NFL Network again, where he made regular appearances before these investigations came to light. His next appearance will most likely be in a Los Angeles court room unless one of the other states hauls him in first.

Sharper, dude, WTF!?