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NFL Draft and Free Agency 2014: Who Will the Saints Go After?

Below are answers to reader questions submitted Yesterday. Special thanks to all those that participated. Feel free to continue the discussion on any of these topics in the comment section below.

What two or three FREE AGENTS (from other teams) do you WANT the Saints to sign.... Don't say "we don't have the money", Mickey will find the money! - Dan K.

What are some realistic free agents you could see the team trying to get? - Vicki J.

The Saints will definitely have the money to go after a handful of free agents this off-season. Their cap situation was even worse last year and they still managed to sign Keenan Lewis, Ben Watson and a few others. So don't fret. Now they're not going to be able to sign anybody and everybody they want, but they'll get involved for sure.

Last week I told you Jacoby Jones was a possible free agent pickup for the Saints if they were thinking of going after a wide receiver and I still stand by that.

With Jabari Greer now officially gone, the Saints could really use some help at cornerback opposite Keenan Lewis. No, I haven't forgotten about Patrick Robinson; I just don't think he's the answer. And there should be a few possibilities on the free agent market this off-season for the Saints.

Captain Munnerlyn of the Carolina Panthers, coming off a pretty good season, would be one likely option. But that's only if the Panthers don't re-sign Munnerlyn themselves, which looks likely to happen, and/or the Saints want to get aggressive.

Asante Samuel could be another realistic option. Recently released by the Falcons, the 33-year-old aging veteran should command only an incentive-heavy one-year deal. If the Saints want to go with a veteran, a better option would be Charles Tillman, who is also 33 years old and may be looking for a new home away from Chicago. Tilman already has a connection with Louisiana, having played college football at the University of Louisiana-Lafayette.


If someone like Calvin Pryor falls to 27, do the Saints go BPA and set themselves up long term in the secondary? - Dan. C.

If one of the top tackles is available at 27 do we take him as BPA? - Greg R.

Hard to say right now because I don't know how the Saints are going to address team needs during free agency. For example, if they re-sign Zach Strief then the need for an offensive tackle reduces slightly. I will say that drafting best player available is almost always the smart move. If either of those two players were in fact the best player available, it would be wise for the Saints to take them. That's an obvious answer.


Any new features on CSC we might expect this off-season? - French F.

I believe the SB Nation tech team is working on a few things for the writers on the back end of the website but I don't know of any new bells or whistles that are to be released on the front end for readers.