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Could the Saints Re-sign Jonathan Goodwin as Backup Option at Center?

The Saints will need to find help at the center position if they let Brian de la Puente walk and former player Jonathan Goodwin might just make the most sense.

Jonathan Ferrey

With Brian de la Puente set to become a free agent next month, the Saints will have some big decisions to make at the center position in 2014.

The safe move would be to re-sign de la Puente. He's been with the team for three years, he's comfortable with Drew, and he's right in the meaty part of his career. But he's most likely going to want more money than the Saints want to pay. So chances are very good the team lets him walk in free agency. Typical.

Which means the Saints would need to figure out who their starting center is going to be.

Sophomore offensive lineman Tim Lelito could potentially slide over from guard and go full time in the middle but there's no telling how that project could turn out. Center is no position to be screwing around with. What happens if Lelito doesn't transition well, or gets injured?

With no other centers currently on their roster, the Saints would need a backup plan. Drafting a rookie center is hardly a backup plan so they'd most likely look for a veteran in free agency. That's where Jonathan Goodwin comes in.

Goodwin is set to be a free agent this off-season and the 49ers are expected to let him walk. At 35-years old Goodwin is certainly no spring chicken but the simple fact that he's got a history with Drew Brees and the Saints makes him an attractive backup option. And he shouldn't cost too much, which is another plus for the cash-strapped Saints.

Could Jonathan Goodwin make a return to New Orleans?