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Fast Five: Heartstrings Edition

Fast Five is a feature in which we ask you five questions and everyone chimes in, leading to some fun discussion. Today, I decided to tug at your heartstrings a bit. Do you dare to answer?

What if they became teammates?
What if they became teammates?
Christopher Polk

In this edition of Fast Five, I'm throwing you a bit of a curve ball. Most of you already know the rules: I'm asking you five questions and you answer them in order in the comment section. This time however, the questions are aimed a bit more towards your heart.

Join in the fun, whether you have been a regular on the blog or you are commenting for the first time.

Here we go:

1) What would your reaction be if upon his release by the Saints a few years from now, Drew Brees were to sign with the Falcons?


2) Where would you be today had you told that girl/guy you really, really liked at one point about your feelings for her/him?


3) If you were a professional athlete at the twilight of your career and had a chance to take some PEDs that would enable you to get one last, big contract, would you do it?


4) Which one would you take for the next five years:

a) The Saints win a Superbowl next year, then have four consecutive losing seasons.

b) The Saints have five consecutive 13 wins or more seasons, but no Superbowl.


5) How hard (or not) would it be for you to cheer for Roddy White if he ever were to sign with the Saints?