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The Legacy of Harper, Greer, Smith, and Vilma: Podcast

Ralph, Andrew and Dave break down the Saints' latest salary cap moves, debate Zach Strief's value, and discuss the latest allegations against Darren Sharper. Want to join the fun or ask the guys a question, email them at

Ralph, Andrew and Dave break down the Saints' latest salary cap moves. Will the Saints focus on getting corners or safeties this off-season? They also try to evaluate the legacy of Roman Harper, Jabari Greer, Will Smith, and Jonathan Vilma.

Andrew says Vilma should be celebrated for fighting Goodell over Bountygate.

Ralph believes Greer is one of the most under appreciated Saints ever.

The boys continue off-season position breakdowns with the offensive tackles. Andrew and Ralph argue over Zach Strief's free agent value.

The Darren Sharper situation has suddenly turned into an episode of Dexter. Does it taint 2009?

Plus your Twitter questions like: should the Saints use Popeye's to win road games in 2014?

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WARNING: podcast contains explicit language