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Would the Saints Trade Pierre Thomas?

Exploring the four possible scenarios for Pierre Thomas' future.

Michael Thomas

Yesterday we learned that the agent for Pierre Thomas has been contacted by the Saints to discuss the running backs future with the team. But that's all that was revealed. Very ominous.

Since we have no idea what the future holds for everyone's favorite Frenchman, we're left only to speculate. There are four possible scenarios that could play out.

1. Nothing at all happens and Pierre plays out the final year of his current contract as scheduled.

2. The Saints cut Pierre outright, giving the team $2.9 million in salary cap savings, none of which is dead money.

3. The Saints and Thomas could agree on a restructured contract that would be more salary cap friendly for the Saints this year. This is what I would personally like to see happen most.

4. The Saints could actually trade Pierre. This probably isn't very likely considering Pierre's age but he's split time in a running back rotation his entire career so his body hasn't experienced nearly as much wear and tear than other backs his age (Marshawn Lynch and Adrian Peterson were drafted the same year as Pierre and each have 1,000+ more carries). If you'll remember, the Saints were close to dealing Thomas to the Patriots for a cornerback in 2010. If the Saints could get anything for Thomas, even just a 7th round draft pick, it would be better than just cutting him and getting nothing. The Saints would be wise to explore the market and do their due diligence.

What do you guys think? What does your crystal ball show you about Pierre Thomas' future?