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Mel Kiper and Todd McShay Mock Draft 2014: Saints Select Offensive Tackles

The NFL Draft gurus Kiper and McShay agree that the Saints could draft an offensive tackle in the first round. They just don't agree on who it will be.

Daniel Shirey-US PRESSWIRE

ESPN's draft gurus duo, Mel Kiper and Todd McShay, both released their most recent mock drafts yesterday. Click here to read Kiper's. Click here for McShay's.

As it turns out they both went with the offensive tackle position for the Saints, but with two different players. Drama! Mel Kiper has chosen Tennessee's Antonio Richardson (more on him tomorrow from Ryne) while McShay picks Morgan Moses out of Virginia. Hmmm...

Here's the analysis from Mel Kiper:

Antonio Richardson

COLLEGE: Tennessee -- AGE: 21 -- HT: 6-6 -- WT: 327 -- POS: OT

Analysis: He showed more holes in his game on tape than some tackles ahead of him here, and perhaps a few behind him, but this is a bet that Richardson will show off at the combine and move up on some boards when teams realize his ceiling. This is a 6-6, nearly 330-pound athlete, with a powerful lower half and long arms. And while I don't know if I trust him to protect Drew Brees' blindside in Week 1, some technical work could turn him into a special player. Richardson's problem is that he's so physically gifted he can be a little over-aggressive and look to dominate a matchup when sometimes he just needs to absorb a pass-rusher with his blend of size, power and quick feet. The Saints aren't settled at left tackle and need to bring in a player with the upside to fill the role.

Here is how Todd McShay backed up his choice:

Morgan Moses

COLLEGE: Virginia -- AGE: 22 -- HT: 6-6 -- WT: 332 -- POS: OT

Analysis: Notre Dame D-lineman Stephon Tuitt would be tough to pass on this late, even though the team is thrilled with the play of Cameron Jordan and Akiem Hicks. But offensive tackle is one of the Saints' top needs (others include OLB, CB, WR, C, DE and potentially TE if they can't re-sign Jimmy Graham), and Moses has the size, natural athleticism and strength to develop into a good starter at left tackle. He'd be tough to pass up this late, and he looked much more comfortable at left tackle in 2013 than he did at right tackle previously. Look for the Saints to try to find a center later in the draft, possibly USC's Marcus Martin or UNC's Russell Bodine.

Interestingly, Moses doesn't appear in the first round of Kiper's mock draft and Richardson doesn't crack McShay's first round. So there's a big difference in opinion. Which means we've got to sniff through the B.S. and figure out which one of these tackles, if any, are actually worth a first round pick for the Saints.

What do you guys think? Opinions on either Richardson or Moses? Which is the better fit for the Saints?