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Saints News, 2/7/14: Saints Won Super Bowl XLIV Fours Years Ago Today

This is an important date in Who Dat history that deserves to be celebrated each year. Achieving a Super Bowl victory is a long and arduous road for which there is no one reliable path or formula. There's no way to know when the Saints will make it a TWO DAT, so we might as well remember the overwhelming joy we felt on February 7, 2010. Someone get out the Who Dat Festivus pole. Next we'll have the ceremonial Airing of Grievances followed by the Feats of Strength.

Jonathan Daniel



Saints News

New Orleans Saints' top plays from Super Bowl XLIV
The New Orleans Saints won Super Bowl XLIV four years ago Friday

Flashback Friday: Saints Win Super Bowl XLIV!
Flashback Friday: Saints Win Super Bowl XLIV!

MVP replacements: New Orleans Saints - New Orleans Saints Blog - ESPN
Whether it's a marquee QB or an interior defensive lineman, no team can afford to lose its most valuable player. So, who steps in if the unfathomable

For Saints’ Joe Morgan, tough year gives way to brighter outlook | Saints | The Advocate — Baton Rouge, LA
While his teammates forged their way to the playoffs this season, Saints wide receiver Joseph Morgan rehabbed the torn anterior cruciate li…

Saints Mount Rushmore Plus One Series: The running backs | Saints | The Advocate — Baton Rouge, LA
It took two sculptors, 14 years, hundreds of men and thousands of tons of dynamite deep in the heart of the Black Hills region of South Dak…

Pro Football Focus Ranking Recap for Saints' Offense | February | 2014 Articles

Get to Know 2013 New Orleans Saintsation Kolbie
Video bio, photos and Q&A with 2013 New Orleans Saintsation Kolbie


NFL News

New Lions OC Joe Lombardi bringing Saints' playbook to Detroit |
"I think there will be a lot of similarities, but there's going to be some differences," Lombardi said Friday during his first news conference with local media. "I came in and sat in that first offensive staff meeting, and I was the only one who knew our terminology. The good thing is you start talking about the offense and presenting it to the staff, and all of the sudden ideas start coming at you and you think about them. There certainly will be some adjustments.

Judge blocks prosecution’s attempt to get Hernandez’s jailhouse conversations | ProFootballTalk
The murder case against former Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez could be crumbling. With prosecutors already deciding to punt on supposed star witness Carlos Ortiz, a judge has now blocked an attempt to obtain recordings of Hernandez's conversations from jail.

Vikings release Erin Henderson after two arrests | ProFootballTalk
The solace for guys getting cut this time of year is, it gives them a head start on free agency. Of course, Erin Henderson also made the Vikings' decision easy for them. The team announced they had released the veteran linebacker Friday. They cleared $2.

Super Bowls could be the new path to public stadium financing | ProFootballTalk
The NFL's good fortune regarding the weather at Super Bowl XLVIII could help the league's owners make a fortune.  (OK, even more of a fortune.) Apart from the increased pressure on future Super Bowl bids that comes from having cold-weather cities with open-air stadiums in the mix, the possible p...

NFLPA facing major leadership overhaul | ProFootballTalk
NFLPA executive director DeMaurice Smith remains under contract for another year.  But plenty of other key union leaders will be replaced this year, because those spots are held by players who no longer play.

Inside the Huddle: Pocket Passers - ESPN Video - ESPN
ESPN Video: Inside the Huddle studies the changing landscape of the NFL quarterback. Mobile QB or pocket passer, what does a team need to do to succeed as a pocket-passing team?


Super Bowl XLIV Video

VIDEO: Flashback: Pierre Thomas' Super Bowl XLIV TD
Pierre Thomas shreds his way through the Colts defense and scores on a screen pass.

VIDEO: Flashback: "Ambush" in Super Bowl XLIV
The Saints successfully execute an onside kick to start the second half.

VIDEO: Flashback: Jeremy Shockey's Super Bowl XLIV TD
Drew Brees hits Jeremy Shockey on a quick slant giving the Saints a lead in the 4th quarter.

VIDEO: Flashback: Lance Moore's Super Bowl XLIV 2-Pointer
The Saints 2-point conversion attempt is challenged and overturned, putting them up 7.

VIDEO: Flashback: Tracy Porter Intercepts Peyton Manning
Tracy Porter picks off Peyton Manning late in the 4th and takes it back for a back-breaking Saints touchdown.

VIDEO: Flashback: Saints receive Super Bowl XLIV trophy
Watch as Tom Benson and the New Orleans Saints are presented the Lombardi Trophy.