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New Canal Street Chronicles Features and Community Changes

In addition to a new contextual highlighting feature on our article, we've also made a few changes to comments here at Canal Street Chronicles.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Since things are slow during this part of the Saints off-season I thought I would take this time to introduce a new feature here on SB Nation and also update members on a couple of changes to our commenting system.

First is the introduction of contextual highlighting, the ability to highlight a segment of text within an article and Tweet that text or Share it on Facebook. Here's how it works:

  1. Go to any article on SB Nation.
  2. Highlight some text:
  3. Click Tweet or Share to open the Twitter or Facebook with that text populating the window:
  4. Tweet or Share the post with the highlight as the text.

That's it. Very simple. Go ahead and try it right now with the text you're reading right now.

Next are a couple of changes to our commenting here at CSC. As you have probably noticed, recommended comments now have a gray background and an old gold thumbs up, a change from the original green.

Yours truly was given a chance to choose new Saints-specific colors for our recommended comments and this was what I personally settled on. Obviously we couldn't choose a black background, and the old gold background looked terrible. So we went with gray (a lighter shade of black) with the old gold thumbs up.

I know some of you aren't crazy about the new color scheme but let's give it some time before we decide to get rid of it. I'm sure we can go back to green if necessary.

The other change to recommended comments is the amount of recs it now takes to get highlighted. Instead of 3 rec's to highlight a comment, it now takes five.

Thoughts about our new features and changes?