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Saints Tag Jimmy Graham with Non-Exclusive Franchise Tag

Jimmy Graham's future with the Saints is now a little uncertain, as teams willing to give up two first round draft picks for the tight end could steal him away.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

The New Orleans Saints have tagged tight end Jimmy Graham with the Franchise Tag this morning, as expected.

What is slightly surprising, however, is that he's been saddled with the non-exclusive tag, meaning other NFL teams can sign Graham if they're willing to give up two first round draft picks. The Saints would still have an opportunity to match the offer.

Chris Mortensen tweeted the news not long ago.

At what position and how much Graham will be paid under the tag is still up in the air. The tight end tag is worth $7,035,000  but the wide receiver tag is worth $12,312,000. Of course, now any team can pay Graham whatever the heck they'd want if they're crazy enough to do so.

More than likely, no team will be willing to give up two first round picks and a crap load of money to acquire Graham so he's most likely safe with the Saints. But it is a slick way to shop him around a little bit and see if there are any takers.