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2014 NFL Free Agency Questions and Answers: Part IV - Salary Caps

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With the free agency signing period beginning this afternoon at 4pm Eastern, we wrap up our four-part series educating readers on free agency.

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One of the first things about which many fans speculate and debate every offseason is which players will be retained or released by teams, and where free agents could potentially land. But not everyone truly understands what is going on in regards to free agents, franchise tags, and the like.

This is the fourth of a four-part series intended to educate our fans about what exactly will be happening over the next several months, in regards to free agency. The included questions and answers are taken directly from an NFL release.

Q. What is the salary cap for 2014?

A. The salary cap is $133,000,000 per club.

Q. When must teams be in compliance with the cap?

A. At the start of the 2014 League Year, which begins at 4:00 p.m. ET on March 11.

Q. If a team is under the salary cap at the end of a given season, can the team carry over room to the next season?

A. Yes. A team may "carry over" room from one League Year to the following League Year by submitting notice to the NFL prior to 4:00 p.m. ET on the day before the team's final regular-season game indicating the maximum amount of room that the club wishes to carry over.

Q. What is the maximum amount of room that a club can carry over?

A. One hundred percent of its remaining room.

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