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Former Saints Safety Malcolm Jenkins Signs With The Eagles

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The Saints' former free safety and 2009 1st-round draft choice became a free agent today and quickly signed with the Eagles for a 3-year deal worth $16.25 million. To possibly fill Jenkins roster spot, the Saints will be visiting tonight with former Bills safety Jairus Bryd.

Al Bello

Adam Schefter was the first to break the news.

Jenkins soon tweeted his good-byes and well-wishes to Saints fans.

With this player departure, the Saints are now down to seven players remaining from their 2009 championship team. This number could quickly become six if OT Zach Strief leaves for another team this offseason.

Larry Holder points out an interesting fact:

On the brighter side, the Saints have just scheduled a visit for tonight with former Bills safety Jairus Byrd, so Mickey Loomis may be filling Jenkins former spot soon if the two sides can reach agreement on a contract.