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NFL Free Agency 2014: Jairus Byrd Deal with Saints Worth $54 Million

The Saints have outdone themselves with a huge $54 million contract for Jairus Byrd, with $28 million of that guaranteed.

Tom Szczerbowski

More details have emerged about Jairus Byrd's new contract with the Saints.

His 6-year deal is apparently worth $54 million with $28 million of that in guaranteed money. That's $9 million a year.

Yowza! That's a big fat contract. The biggest ever for a safety, in fact.

Double yowza! Considering how little salary cap space the Saints have, I would hope this means they're really confident a long-term deal with Jimmy Graham is going to get done, which would push the current $7,035,000 franchise tag salary he's on the hook for into future years and free up some room. I'm sure his contract is very light on the front end and very heavy on the back end.