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NFL Free Agency Podcast: Saints Sign Jairus Byrd, Malcolm Jenkins Signed by Eagles

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The boys break down the first day of free agency. Ralph rails against blaming Jimmy Graham for the release of Lance Moore and trading of Darren Sproles. Kevin Held explains why Lance Moore was one of the all time fun Saints players.

Jairus Byrd signing with the Saints during the podcast made Andrew nearly pass out. Kevin #Hireheld is not upset about Malcolm Jenkins going to Philly.

Kevin explains why he is happy the Falcons might have assured themselves mediocrity.


Andrew gets punked by his wife.

Props to Benson for dropping $54 million on Jairus Byrd. Should we care that the Saints might be mortgaging the future?

Plus Twitter questions like: Did Mickey offer Byrd a night on Bourbon St. with Rob Ryan to seal the deal?

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WARNING: podcast contains explicit language