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NFL Free Agency 2014: Patriots, Steelers Interested in Lance Moore

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Below are answers to some of the reader questions submitted Saturday. Special thanks to all those that participated. Feel free to continue the discussion on any of these topics in the comment section below.

Chris Graythen

Think Lance will sign with someone else? If so, who? - Sylvain G.

Yes, I do think Lance will sign with someone else. He's still got a little left in the tank. I don't see any reason that a team wouldn't take a chance on him. So far the Patriots and the Steelers have shown interest, according to Adam Caplan.


Are we keeping P-Rob? Never thought he contributed. Thx for your response. - Arlene S.

Patrick Robinson is signed through 2014 so his contract says we're keeping him. And considering the current situation at cornerback, the Saints could hardly afford to cut him from a depth standpoint. I wouldn't mind him as a nickel back, but I'm not crazy about him as a starter. Hopefully the Saints feel the same way and find a potential replacement either late in free agency or via the draft. The short answer: we're stuck with him for one more year.


Do you think the Saints are making a shift from trying to be great on offence to trying to be great on defense? - Snapp

Absolutely not. I think the Saints are trying to build a great defense in addition to having a great offense. This isn't a zero-sum game; the Saints don't need to choose either/or. There is no reason they can't strive to achieve both. I'm certain that's what they're planning.


Is Mickey the best GM in the business? Are you amazed at his ability to always get his man? Can you believe some fans still doubt his cap magic? -- Breesus C.

No, but he's definitely a damn good one. Rotoworld actually ranked all 32 NFL general managers recently, and they had Loomis at No. 8. I think that's pretty accurate. If he was the best general manager in the business, he wouldn't need to work magic on the salary cap in the first place.


What is our #1 most immediate need in the draft, assuming Strief re-signs? - Valmo

Cornerback. I've said it before and I will say it again.