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Saints TE Benjamin Watson is likely candidate for President of NFLPA

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The NFL Players Association will elect a new president on Wednesday, and the Saints tight end is a likely candidate for the position.


Of ten executive committee members for the NFL Players Association, three representatives are current and former players from the New Orleans Saints:  QB Drew Brees, TE Benjamin Watson, and former LB Scott Fujita.  Now, with Domonique Foxworth retiring as president, one of those three players is considered a likely candidate for the position.

Foxworth was elected president of the NFLPA in 2012 without opposition; though with his retirement from the NFL, he was only eligible to hold the position until 2014.  While the well-spoken Drew Brees is often seen on television as a public face of the NFLPA, Benjamin Watson appears to be the most likely candidate to fill Foxworth's shoes.  Watson, drafted by the New England Patriots in 2004, signed a three-year deal with the Saints in March of 2013, after finishing a three-year stint with the Cleveland Browns.

In addition to conducting labor negotiations, the NFLPA represents and protects the rights of the players.  The union is charged with ensuring that the terms of the collective bargaining agreement are adhered to by the league and the teams, and may file grievances against player discipline that it deems too severe.  It also negotiates and monitors retirement and insurance benefits, and works to enhance and defend the image of players and their profession.

The current executive director of the NFLPA is DeMaurice Smith; and as of 2014, the executive committee consists of the following current and retired NFL players: Charlie Batch, Drew Brees, Brian Dawkins, Scott Fujita, Matt Hasselbeck, Matt Light, Brandon Moore, Jeff Saturday, Brian Waters, and Benjamin Watson. Each NFL team also has a player representative, along with two to three alternate representatives.