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NFL Free Agency Podcast: Worst Person in Saints History March Madness Bracket

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The boys recap all of the recent Saints 2014 free agency signings, then begin their epic "Worst Person in Saints History" tournament bracket. Want to join the fun or ask the guys a question, email them at

The boys discuss the Saints re-signing Zach Strief. Ralph doesn't understand all the angst from Saints bloggers over Strief's return.

Dave gives his thought on the Jairus Byrd signing.

The Saints made a couple of surprise moves by re-signing Joe Morgan and adding Buccaneers fullback Erik Lorig. No, Kevin doesn't know who he is either.

Andrew wonders if the Saints should sign Sidney Rice.

Then the boys get in the swing of March Madness with the GREATEST BRACKET EVER! It's a 64-person tournament where horrible Saints players, coaches, owners, and GM's enter but only one will emerge. We're choosing the MOST HATED PERSON IN SAINTS HISTORY! See the entire bracket below and follow along each week as the boys choose winners.

Plus your Twitter questions, like: who is more likely to survive a Zombie Apocalypse among the boys?

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WARNING: podcast contains explicit language

Most Hated Person in Saints History Bracket