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NFL Bans Dunking Football Over Goalpost at Owners Meeting

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The NFL has officially banned dunking the football over the goalpost, but Saints tight end Jimmy Graham should continue his now-famous touchdown celebration with one minor tweak.

The NFL is in the midst of voting on proposed rule changes at the 2014 NFL owners meeting, which is is well underway in Orlando, Florida.

In an interview on "The Dan Patrick Show" today, Dean Blandino, the head of officiating for the NFL, said it will now be a penalty if a player dunks the football over the goalpost.

This will undoubtedly be called "The Jimmy Graham" rule because it obviously stems from the touchdown celebration that Saints tight end Jimmy Graham has now made famous. Surprise, surprise, the NFL wants to take more fun out of  the sport.

But I say f*** that. And so should Graham.

As Saints wide receiver Joe Morgan wisely pointed out on Twitter, the rule specifically says that a player cannot dunk the football.

It doesn't say anything about actually make the dunking motion. Graham could still potentially pantomime a slam dunk without using the football. And he should.

Would it be a little more lame to not actually dunk the football? Yes. But if it gets around the rule and effectively slaps Roger Goodell and the NFL in the face, then it must be done.