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NFL Draft 2014: Will the Saints Draft Jimmy Garoppolo?

Below are answers to reader questions submitted Saturday. Special thanks to all those that participated. Feel free to continue the discussion on any of these topics in the comment section below.

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Spor

Do the Saints believe Garapollo is their QB of their future, and grab him early in the draft? (forcing Stu to pull out all his hair for not using a pick to "win now"?) - Greg R.

Stu isn't the only one who would be pulling his hair out if the Saints decided to draft Eastern Illinois quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo early in the draft. If we're talking about the third round or higher. you can count me in that number. But if it was the fourth round or later, then I might be okay with it. I know I've shared my opinion on the matter before but I will say it all again. Drew Brees still has three or four good years left, which is too long for a top draft pick to be sitting on the bench and waiting. I think the Saints are still two years away from drafting a potential replacement.


Do you think another team is going to make a play for Jimmy Graham and give the Saints 2 number 1's or the Saints sign Jimmy to a long term deal? - Big D.

Absolutely not. Expect a long-term deal with Graham to be done by April 22nd. And read Canal Street Chronicles more often.


What are you stat projections for Marques Colston this season? - Paul B.

Marques had a slight drop in production this past season, with only 75 catches for 943 yards. Given the fact that Colston is only getting older, this might be a trend we start seeing more of unfortunately. The consistent string of 1,000+ yard seasons might be coming to an end. I think another 70+ catch, 900+ yard season for Colston would be very respectable. More than that would be a pleasant and welcome surprise for me.


DLP's had lots of dates, but no proposals of marriage. Do you favor his reduced-rate return to the Saints? - Hans P.

I would very much be in favor of the Saints re-signing Brian de la Puente for cheap and at this point, I think that's what we'll see happen. They don't have an official center listed on the roster so they need to do something.


Is this the year the beginning of the #AndyTannerEra? - Kaz

This is the make or break year for Andy Tanner. He's been on and off the Saints practice squad for the past four years so it's active roster or bust in 2014. If Tanner has yet another good training camp, the Saints will be forced to sign him to the active roster... or let him go. I'm hesitant to get fully on board the Andy Tanner train, however; he's the epitome of a "bubble" player. If he wasn't good enough to make the active roster the last three years, why now? The good news for Tanner is that the release of Lance Moore opens up a wide receiver spot making this arguably his best chance to date. Unless, of course, the Saints draft a wide receiver in the first round.


Payton said publicly that with the addition of J Byrd, Kenny V could go to playing more of a traditional role in the secondary Do you believe that? If so why, if not why not. - Russty G.

Sounds completely plausible to me. Since Byrd is so good roaming the field as a free safety and can cover a lot of ground, that should allow Vaccaro the freedom to be a more traditional strong safety, do more of the things he does well, and not have to cover for the deficiency of others.


NOLA has an article saying that the teams disposition has been set in place should Mr. Benson pass. 1. Do you see this same philosophy carrying on? 2. Do you see the team continuing to have success, after the reigns are passed on. - Chad L.

Tom Benson has been hands off when it comes to football decisions. I don't think he has very much to do with the success of the Saints on the football field beyond hiring the right general manager to handle everything. The success of the team since 2006 has been because of the work of Sean Payton and Mickey Loomis, not Benson. If Mr. B died tomorrow (let's hope not), the Saints would still be successful. If Sean Payton died tomorrow (let's really hope not), well, you saw what happened in 2012. Only if the new ownership meddled too much with day to day football operations a la Al Davis and Jerry Jones would Tom Benson's death greatly effect the success of the Saints.