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Todd McShay Mock Draft 2014: Saints Select Morgan Moses

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For the second time in a row, ESPN draft guru Todd McShay chooses offensive tackle Morgan Moses for the Saints in the first round of his 2014 NFL Draft. At least he's consistent!

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Todd McShay is at it again with yet another 2014 NFL mock draft for ESPN, his third of the off-season. But while it's a completely new mock draft, he picks the same player for the Saints that he did last month in his previous version.

McShay once again has the Saints selecting offensive tackle Morgan Moses from Virginia. Here is how McShay defends his choice:

COLLEGE: Virginia

AGE: 21

HT: 6-6

WT: 314


Analysis: The Saints have a need at corner, but I think Moses would be a tempting option at this point. Moses has very good size and length, the only question for the Saints is if they view him as a right tackle with Terron Armstead on the left side, as Moses looked a lot more natural at left tackle in 2013 than he did previously at right tackle.

I don't hate the pick, especially since McShay is aware of the emergence of Terron Armstead on the left side and is thinking more about the right tackle spot. I like the pick even more if the Saints wind up not re-signing Zach Strief in free agency. Offensive tackle becomes a much bigger need in that case. Otherwise, I think the Saints have greater needs, specifically at cornerback and safety.

What do you guys think?