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Saints Salary Cap Update: Lance Moore, Darren Sproles Cuts Leave $5.5 Million in Space

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The Saints salary cap figure is looking a little better after getting rid of Lance Moore and Darren Sproles. Here is a look at exactly where they stand as they approach the upcoming free agency period.

Chris Graythen

The Saints have been making many big moves recently to free up salary cap space so they can afford not only a big contract for Jimmy Graham but also to sign both their own free agents and potential new free agents. Which leaves many wondering just where the Saints currently stand. Hopefully we can clear up any confusion.

Here is an overall look at the Saints salary cap situation, to the best of my knowledge. All of these numbers come from Over the Cap. The Saints salary cap number is just for the top 51 contracts on their roster. These numbers obviously include Jimmy Graham's current franchise tag figure, Rafael Bush's recent tender, and the recent Lance Moore/Darren Sproles cuts.

If the Saints decide to trade or cut Pierre Thomas in the near future, that would create an additional $2,900,000 in salary cap space.

All of this info can always be found in our Saints Free Agency Tracker, which will be updated accordingly.

2014 Salary Cap Situation

2014 NFL Salary Cap - $133,000,000

Saints Cap Spending - $113,604,209

Saints Dead Money - $13,737,551

Saints Total Cap Figure - $127,341,760

Available Cap Space - $5,658,240

Dead Money

Name Cap
TOTAL $13,737,551
Roman Harper $3,690,000
Jabari Greer $2,650,000
Lance Moore $2,537,500
Will Smith $2,352,451
Garrett Hartley $1,010,400
Darren Sproles $750,000
Chris Chamberlain $400,000
Martez Wilson $164,081
Rufus Johnson $78,981
Andrew Tiller $56,000
Marcel Jones $24,300
Michael Thomas $3,334
Ray Shipman $3,334
Keavon Milton $3,334
Elliott Mealer $3,334
Eric Martin $3,334
Ryan Griffin $3,334
Isaako Aaitui $2,500
Brent Leonard $667
Jose Maltos $667