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NFL Odds 2014: Betting on Jairus Byrd

New Orleans Saints fans can wager their hard-earned money on how many interceptions they think new safety Jairus Byrd will have in 2014.

Rick Stewart

With all of the major NFL free agent signings complete for the 2014 off-season, the Vegas oddsmakers have already done what they do best and set the line for many of the big name players who are with new teams this year.

Since Jairus Byrd was the best free agent safety available on the market and found a new home with the Saints in New Orleans, NFL fans can bet on how much Byrd will produce in the 2014 season.

Bovada has officially set the over/under on Jairus Byrd interceptions this season at 3.5. So if you think Byrd is good for four or more INTs, you'd bet the over. If you think he becomes a NCMF in 2014 and only picks off three passes or less, you'd bet the under.

Considering Byrd had four interceptions in only 11 games last season and another five in 2012, I'd say the odds are definitely in favor of Byrd hauling in four interceptions or more this year. But the guys in Vegas know what they're doing so it's anything but a sure thing.

What do you guys think? Where would you put your money on Byrd this season?