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Most Hated Saints Person Ever: Vaughn Dunbar vs. Boo Williams

Our epic "Most Hated Person in Saints History" tournament continues with another first round matchup! Today's matchup is between Vaughn Dunbar and Boo Williams. Who do you hate more? Polls are now open so cast your vote!

We continue with the next matchup in our "Most Hated Person in Saints History" tournament.

For those who haven't been following along,we've got a full 64-person bracket packed with all the ghosts from Saints past that you love to hate. We're going matchup by matchup, choosing the more hated Saints figure each time, until we've finally crowned a winner as the most hated person in Saints history.

The full tournament can be found directly below. Our next matchup today is between the No. 18 ranked Vaughn Dunbar vs. No. 47 ranked Boo Williams.

Your decision can be based on anything you'd like, whether it's on the field performance, off the field antics, or anything in between. I highly encourage those veteran fans to share there memories of some of the older persons in question and make their arguments for or against. Younger members may want to wait and read what the veterans have to say before placing their vote.

To help you make your decision here's a little more info on today's contestants, courtesy of BewareofDog:

Vaughn Dunbar (RB 1992-1995) - Considering the fact that Dunbar spent the entire 1993 season on I.R. because of a knee injury he suffered in training camp, and he only carried the ball 3 times for 9 yards in 1994, and was only on the roster for one game in 1995 before being waived, I'm having trouble going all Darth Vader on this guy. Dunbar had 574 yards rushing, 3 TDs, and 3.7 YPC, along with 9 catches for 62 yards. That's it. That's his career as a Saint.

So, where's the hate coming from? Um, it might be all those helmet enemas he gave to offensive lineman during his rookie (and only) season with the Saints. Dunbar had a reputation for being a tough runner between the tackles when he came out of college but the only thing he was tough on was the backsides of the guys who were blocking for him. This kid would bypass big gaping holes at the line of scrimmage and slam himself right into the butt cheeks of his blockers.


Anyway, aside from a couple of former Saints O-Lineman who had to file medical claims with the NFL for post-traumatic stress to their rectums, I just don't see what all the fuss is about.

Boo Williams (TE 2001-2004) - Um, WTF? Why in the hell would anybody hate Boo Williams? He was one of the most lovable cats to ever play for the Saints. He had that infectious, youthful, enthusiasm that he always displayed on the field which made him a fan favorite. Fans had a chant for this kid whenever he would go onto the field or make a play - "BOO!" Uh, no. It's not what you think. See, um, that was his nickname, so fans would be chanting his name, get it? Oh, geesh.

Boo was an UDFA by the Saints in 2001 and had 107 rec, 1143 yds, and 12 TDs in 4 seasons with the team. He was a big ol' kid on the field and very athletic for his 6'4" 270 pound frame. He was much more of a receiving threat than a blocker (Sound familiar?). The problem with Boo was that he had issues with staying focused during games in which he would run the wrong routes, drop passes, and miss blocks. Funny thing, though. When he would make good plays for the Saints (or, simply run onto the field) the fans would scream "BOO!", but whenever he fouled up, it was just a loud gasp followed by crickets. Um, crickets who would also cuss at him like drunken sailors.

His career as a Saint ended when he tore his ACL, missed the entire 2005 season, and was released in February of 2006.

Voting will be open for exactly 48 hours from the time of publish. Voting results and brackets will be updated as we go along.