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Most Hated Saints Person Ever: Ray Zellars vs. Roman Harper

Our epic "Most Hated Person in Saints History" tournament continues with another first round matchup! Today's matchup is between Ray Zellars and Roman Harper. Who do you hate more? Polls are now open so cast your vote!

Ezra Shaw

We continue with the next matchup in our "Most Hated Person in Saints History" tournament.

For those who haven't been following along,we've got a full 64-person bracket packed with all the ghosts from Saints past that you love to hate. We're going matchup by matchup, choosing the more hated Saints figure each time, until we've finally crowned a winner as the most hated person in Saints history.

The full tournament can be found directly below. Our next matchup today is between the No. 26 ranked Ray Zellars vs. No. 39 ranked Roman Harper.

Your decision can be based on anything you'd like, whether it's on the field performance, off the field antics, or anything in between. I highly encourage those veteran fans to share there memories of some of the older persons in question and make their arguments for or against. Younger members may want to wait and read what the veterans have to say before placing their vote.

To help you make your decision here's a little more info on today's contestants, courtesy of BewareofDog:

Ray Zellars (RB 1995-1998) - 2nd round pick out of Notre Dame who was built like Earl Campbell but played more like Naomi Campbell. Wait…..considering all of her convictions for assault (including two police officers) and that she could swing between dating Mike Tyson and Robert De Niro, she’s way more feisty than Zellars ever was for the Saints. Um, Neve Campbell, maybe?

Anyway, yeah, Zellars was another draft "disappointment" from the late Mora years. He was expected to be something or another and turned out to be less than that, so I guess you’re supposed to hate him for something, maybe. I reckon. Outside of 1st round pick, Joe Johnson, in 1994, what Saints player WASN’T a disappointment back then? The last three drafts of the Mora era (1994, 1995, 1996) only produced one other player besides Johnson who turned into a decent starter for the Saints - Mark Fields. So, Zellars is just another brick in the crumbling wall that was the final days of Jim Mora.

What? Mercury Hayes and Craig Novitsky weren’t available?

For those who have ZERO recollection of Zellars, his career with the Saints can be summed up in two games which also happened to be the final two wins of Jim Mora’s career as Saints Head Coach. Zellars cussed out Mora on the practice field when the two of them got into an argument and Mora suspended him for that week’s game against the Jaguars which the Saints won. The following week, Zellars was put back into the lineup against the Bears and he had his best game ever as a Saint with 174 yards and a TD as the Saints won again. This was the best rushing performance by a Saints player since Reuben Mayes gained 203 yards against the Dolphins 10 years earlier. The Saints lost to Carolina the following week and Jim Mora was done.

But still, I’m not exactly sure why anyone would hate Ray Zellars. It’s not like he was a starting Strong Safety who couldn’t cover TEs (or anyone else for that matter) and should have had his Twitter account canceled for contributing to the delinquency of minors who took his advice and then became a bunch of NCMFers just like him.

Roman Harper (SS 2006-2013) - I have never heard of this guy. You cats are on your own with this one.

Voting will be open for exactly 48 hours from the time of publish. Voting results and brackets will be updated as we go along.