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Saints Player Most Likely to Crossover as a Wrestling Character

Most of the Saints players on the current roster have the athleticism to look serviceable in the wrestling ring, but who has the look and personality to become a memorable character?

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

With WWE's WrestleMania invading the Mercedes-Benz Superdome this Sunday, it shouldn't be a surprise to see some Saints players in attendance at the event. Drew Brees will almost certainly be in attendance because of the cameras (Just kidding Drew, you're my guy). I struggled to think which other Saints would be there with any certainty though. Which current Saints are even into wrestling, err… "Sports Entertainment"? Which Saints would the organization want to represent the franchise at the event? Who knows how these things even work?

The idea did come to mind though, which Saint would not only be the best at ringside, but in the ring itself? Not in that awful Dennis Rodman, Karl Malone, or William "Fridge" Perry sort of way, but who would make for the best wrestling character? The answer was so ridiculously obvious, that it just had to be brought up. The New Orleans Saint that has a clear path to the squared circle in his post-football career is the fabulously bearded defensive end, Junior Galette.

At 6'2", 258 lbs, Galette already has the physical look of a wrestler. Hell, his beard alone has to weigh about 20 pounds. The wildman look coupled with his Haitian heritage gives Junior a ready-made gimmick in every classic sense. What truly separates Junior though, is his personality. I mean, have you followed this man's twitter account? The ravings of a lunatic, those are, and I love every word he sends. #BODYBAG? Oh yeah, keep that craziness coming.

Imagine this guy on the mic, cutting epic heel promos like a Hall-of-Famer. Treating his opponents like they're Cam Newton or Matt Ryan, he'd be unstoppable. Give him a finisher with a name like the "Superman Stomp" or some gimmick like that and you could print money with the tickets he'd sell. Junior Galette, with great entrance music, bringing a bodybag to the ring to intimidate his opponents, that's main event material. He can even keep the Saints connection going by teaming up with Kevin Held, aka Sean Orleans, who will have taken over WWE by then.

Of course, lets not forget what every great wrestler needs in his corner, a manager, and the Saints have just the guy. Who else but the Saints' top character himself, Rob Ryan. It would only make too much sense, Rob Ryan in some tacky hawaiian shirt, walking down the ramp with a case of PBR in one hand and a turkey leg in the other. He'd use that gnarled-up turkey leg as a weapon when the ref "wasn't looking", and he'd drink enough at ringside to put Steve Austin to shame. This pairing is tailor made to entertain.

It looks like Junior has a post-football career opportunity ready to go if he follows this advice. Junior in his late 30's would be far more entertaining to watch than most of the geriatric wrestlers who just can't let the glory days go. After Galette retires from the Saints (with multiple Super Bowl rings in hand) he could easily transition into the next big thing in wrestling. He can then do what every great wrestling superstar does… become a movie star. Coming to a theater near you: Hashtag Bodybag, starring former Super Bowl Champion/WWE Champion, Junior Galette. Sounds good to me.