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Happy Peepster, Y'all!!

HansDat is back on the front page with your Easter Sunday Open Thread. And of course, all a youse Peeps are invited to join in and hang out and see what other CSC folks are up on this fine, fine day!

It's a Peepster Miracle!!
It's a Peepster Miracle!!

Happy Easter Sunday 2014 to one and all!! Or Happy High Holiday 4/20 to you!!!! Or Feliz Domingo! Or (insert inclusive, open holiday guess here)!!

I hope this day finds you well no matter how you plan to spend it. In this house, we "celebrate" the Easter Bunny and candy and 'rites of spring' type stuff at this time of year. I cut the grass yesterday for the first time this year, have already eaten too much chocolate and jelly beans this week, and later we'll get to visit with our grandson and his mom and dad a bit. No big meal or big deal planned, just pretty low-key. Oh! We did buy a small chunk of a sliced honey-baked ham yesterday and I'm going to eat lots of thick sandwiches on those tiny Sister Schubert yeast rolls - YUM!!

At work, we had a "Secret Bunny" or "Easter Buddy" deal going on this week. You turn in your name along with a short list of your likes and dislikes and hobbies, etc., and then you get assigned someone else's name and 'short list' paper and do $1 things for them on Monday-Thursday, and then a $5 thing on Good Holy Maundy Lundi Friday, or whatever it's called. Pretty fun stuff, and it lets you get to know other folks in your work place a bit.

This year I had a co-worker whose name I've drawn before, so I had to up my game to deliver/present the gifts differently than I usually do so as not to tip my hand. I can't hand write the notes because every one knows my handwriting, so I type them up in funky fonts and include some apropos .jpgs and clipart (natch!). There are also temporal aspects, as I work 10-6 and our center is open 7-6 each day, so I have to find ways to vary the drop-off time either on the table in the break room, or at her desk when she's out of the classroom on a break, etc. As you can tell, I do not take this enterprise lightly.

Overall, it went really well all week. She had no idea it was me, she liked all her goodies, and I got lots of good stuff from my Easter Buddy each day (bubbles in little duck-shaped necklace, chocolate, jelly beans, a little chocolate bunny and coke zero, then a Subway gift card - boom!).

On a side note, my boss bought a half-dozen donuts for the front office folks to enjoy on Wednesday, and in a sweet stroke of Easter Justice, you won't believe which two donuts were left for me...



...and I swear that I have never told them of my Peeps obsession.

Speaking of Peeps...did you know there's something called the "100 Peep Challenge"? Yeah, dude ate 100 Peeps in just over two minutes. And he recorded it on video. And SB Nation's James Dator posted a "story" on it. SOURCE

Spoiler Alert: The video gets pretty disgusting, and I had to turn away a few times. But if you chase that link and get past the video, there's a "Peep" Carroll Easter egg that you might enjoy, so there's that!

Peace love and happiness to one and all today, and every day. Take care, everybody! And know that HansDat loves you.