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NFL Mock Draft 2014: St. Louis Rams Select Jadeveon Clowney

With the second overall pick in the 2014 Canal Street Chronicles community mock draft, the St. Louis Rams (represented by Kevin Sean Held) select...

Streeter Lecka

Jadeveon Clowney, DE, University of South Carolina

I went in considering Clowney and two other players:

- WR Sammy Watkins, because of the Rams' need for a guy who can go deep and actually catch. The team's leading receiver last season was tight end Jared Cook, with 51 catches. The WR with the most catches only snagged 38 balls. Sheesh.

- OT Greg Robinson, because quarterback Sam Bradford was sacked 15 times in just 7 games last season before injuries kept him off the field. The previous 3 years' sack totals: 34, 36 and 36. Again: sheesh.

So why settle on Clowney when the Rams clearly have other needs greater than defensive end? They already have Chris Long and Robert Quinn. And didn't folks in the media question Clowney's motivations this past year? Judging by how guys like Mel Kiper reacted to Clowney's performance at his pro day, I'd say those questions have been muted for good. And there's always concerns about having to pay up for Robert Quinn, who's coming off a monster season himself and might price himself out of St. Louis, so having a superb "fall back" option is a must for a team that needs a stout defense in a loaded division with offenses that can fluster. I mean, who among us wouldn't love to see Colin Kapernick or Russell Wilson (or whoever's taking snaps for the Cardinals these days) get smashed into the turf?

If you were still questioning my logic, know this: Clowney thinks he should be the number one pick and has promised to make the Texans "miserable" if they don't pick him. I love a guy with that kind of chip on his shoulder.

And with the Rams having another first round pick, they can always fill another glaring need.
Of course, if I had my druthers I'd really try to trade down. But that's just me: I like hoarding draft picks like a squirrel hoards nuts.


Thanks to all the CSC members who participated in this year's community mock draft. Without your help, none of this would be possible.

Below are the complete results from our community mock draft.

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Pick Team Selection Team Representative Approval Rating
1 Houston Texans QB Teddy Bridgewater - Louisville
Tee Word
2 St. Louis Rams DE Jadeveon Clowney Kevin Sean Held
3 Jacksonville Jaguars
Alex Swift
4 Cleveland Browns
Shadow Flash
5 Oakland Raiders
6 Atlanta Falcons
Dave Choate
7 Tampa Bay Buccaneers
8 Minnesota Vikings
9 Buffalo Bills
10 Detroit Lions
Monkey Poop Battle
11 Tennessee Titans
12 NY Giants
13 St. Louis Rams
14 Chicago Bears
15 Pittsburgh Steelers
16 Dallas Cowboys
Ryan Edwards
17 Baltimore Ravens
Tee Word
18 NY Jets
Monkey Poop Battle
19 Miami Dolphins
20 Arizona Cardinals
Alex Swift
21 Green Bay Packers
22 Philadelphia Eagles
23 Kansas City Chiefs
24 Cincinnati Bengals
25 San Diego Chargers
26 Cleveland Browns
Shadow Flash
27 New Orleans Saints
Dave Cariello
28 Carolina Panthers
Ryan Edwards
29 New England Patriots
Shadow Flash
30 San Francisco 49ers
31 Denver Broncos
32 Seattle Seahawks