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Most Hated Saints Person Ever: Steve Spagnuolo vs. Martin Gramatica

Our epic "Most Hated Person in Saints History" tournament continues with another first round matchup! Today's matchup is between Steve Spagnuolo and Martin Gramatica. Who do you hate more? Polls are now open so cast your vote!

Derick E. Hingle-US PRESSWIRE

We continue with the next matchup in our "Most Hated Person in Saints History" tournament.

For those who haven't been following along,we've got a full 64-person bracket packed with all the ghosts from Saints past that you love to hate. We're going matchup by matchup, choosing the more hated Saints figure each time, until we've finally crowned a winner as the most hated person in Saints history.

The full tournament can be found directly below. Our next matchup today is between the No. 21 Steve Spagnuolo vs. No. 44 ranked Martin Gramatica.

Your decision can be based on anything you'd like, whether it's on the field performance, off the field antics, or anything in between. I highly encourage those veteran fans to share there memories of some of the older persons in question and make their arguments for or against. Younger members may want to wait and read what the veterans have to say before placing their vote.

To help you make your decision here's a little more info on today's contestants, courtesy of BewareofDog:

Steve Spagnuolo (??????) - I have no idea why Steve Spagnuolo is in this tourney for Most Hated Saints. I thought you actually had to be a Saint to be considered. Look, I get it. The Saints played a couple of crappy games against the Rams when he was their Coach, but is that enough for him to be included here? Surely, there are opposing Coaches who have tormented the Saints more often and for a lot longer than Spagnuolo? And these jokes I've been reading online about Spagnuolo coaching the Saints defense for one season and leading them to become the "STATISTICALLY WORST DEFENSE IN NFL HISTORY" is just not funny. Just sour grapes from bitch ass Falcons fans, if you ask me. But, for Saints fans right here on CSC to repeat that awful joke is just plain disrespectful to DC Rob Ryan and the job he's done over the past two seasons. The hero of the Saints 2012 season who came in after Gregg Williams was fired and established a tough defense from day one and kept the Saints playoff streak and consecutive 11+ win seasons intact. The defense has gotten better in each of the past two seasons under Ryan and we should all be very grateful to Mickey Loomis for buying out his contract from the Cowboys in 2012 (even though a lot of CSCers hated the idea) and bringing him to the Saints.

Martin Gramatica (K 2007-2008) - Appeared in only 8 games for the Saints over parts of two seasons. His most memorable moments came in two losses for the Saints in 2008 over a 3 game span against the Broncos and Vikings. Gramatica missed 2 FGs in each game that affected the outcome of both games. Actually, he missed 3 FGs and had 1 blocked as he went 3 for 7 in these two games - a 32-34 loss to the Broncos in Denver and a 27-30 loss to the Vikings on MNF in the Dome. In the Broncos game, he missed a 51 yarder to end the first half and a 43 yarder with two minutes remaining in the game that would have given the Saints a 35-34 lead. In the Vikings game, he had a 46 yarder blocked in the 1st quarter which was returned for a TD. He also missed a 43 yarder, again with two minutes remaining in the 4th quarter (just like the Broncos game) that would have given the Saints a 30-27 lead. Thankfully, this would be the last game in which Gramatica would ever kick for the Saints.

Voting will be open for exactly 48 hours from the time of publish. Voting results and brackets will be updated as we go along.