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NFL Draft 2014: Will the Saints Trade Up?

Below are answers to reader questions submitted Sunday. Special thanks to all those that participated. Feel free to continue the discussion on any of these topics in the comment section below.

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Is Rafael Bush the most overrated "potential talent" since Adrian Arrington? - Wallace D.

Not even close. In three years with the Saints Arrington played in only five games and had only 9 catches. He was completely irrelevant to the team during his time. Bush, on the other hand, has played in 29 games for the Saints, started six of them, and taken nearly half the team's total snaps in 2013. He has been a much more integral part of the team and has actually made significant contributions.


DRAFTDAY. Who Do The Saints Like Better?? Ford Or Lee - Cano

I have absolutely no idea where the Saints rate Dee Ford and Marqise Lee on their draft board. I am not privy to any sort of inside information that the normal fan wouldn't have access to.


Do you really think the Saints will trade up in this draft, if so for whom? Inquiring minds want to know. -Russty G.

Yes, I do. They do it all the time. The Saints have more picks in this year's draft (7) than they've had since 2007. They always seem to go for the quality over quantity approach every year and I think all of those picks are going to burn a whole in their pocket, so to speak. Do I agree with this approach? Not necessarily. I honestly wish they would trade down more often. As for what round they'll trade up and for whom, I have no idea. Keep in mind, trading takes two to tango, it's not just up to the Saints. So even if they want to trade, they've got to find a willing partner.


Do you think the Saints made the right choice in signing Champ Bailey to WIN NOW, or should they have kept Rafael Bush? Or is this a false dichotomy? - Hans P.

I am okay with the Champ Bailey signing for now. Like most fans, all of my concerns about Bailey revolve around his health. If he's healthy, it's probably a good move. I don't think you can really compare Bailey with Bush but the Saints need depth at cornerback much more than they do at safety right now. Plus, Rafael Bush has not officially left the Saints yet. The team has until tomorrow to make a decision on whether they want to exercise their right of first refusal and match Atlanta's hefty two-year $4.5 million offer sheet.


Which current and former Saints players would you most like to see running the 40 yard dash for comedic enjoyment? - Lefty H.

For comedic enjoyment? I'd like to see big boy John Jenkins hustle down the line. He's 360 pounds. Former Saints DT Shaun Rogers would probably also give me a chuckle. But they need to be topless when they run.


In what year do you think the Saints should start grooming Brees's replacement? - C. Nola

This question again, huh? Read this and read this. Short answer: 2016